Netflix’s Windfall Trailer Reveals Unpredictable Hitchcock Style Plot Starring Lilly Collins And Jesse Plemons

Netflix’s Windfall Trailer Reveals Unpredictable Hitchcock Style Plot Starring Lilly Collins And Jesse Plemons

Lily Collins’ character, Emily, is yet to decide whether she will stay back in Paris and enjoy her newly found life or go back to her past life. While she does that, Collins is here with a brand new thriller. A rather intriguing story building suspense in a single setting. Mind you, we can trust none in this Hitchcockian thriller, Windfall on Netflix, which is always directing us towards some darker suspense.

Notably, Netflix recently teased the trailer of this drama, and the 2 minutes 11-second clip has already built a lot of tension among its A-list cast. So bear with us as we let out all that we know so far, along with the teaser trailer. Starting with the promising premise of Windfall.

Windfall: synopsis

Have you ever wondered what would you do if some quirky criminal held you, hostage, in your vacation home? Well, that’s exactly what the couples in this suspense thriller are in for. The story revolves around a wealthy couple on vacation, played by Plemons and Collins. Soon, they find themselves being robbed by a rather inept criminal. Further, what seems to be a friendly crime at first goes south when Plemons loses his temper and becomes irritated. And things finally take spooky turns within once a happy vacation home, as the darkness of nights loom.

Interestingly, the filmmaker of The One I Love and The Discovery, Charlie McDowell, hails this story exactly in Hitchcock style. Further, to add more tension and suspense to the story, screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker joined hands with Justin Lader to co-write the story. Kevin is the man behind the script of Se7en and many other David Fincher projects. All in all, this story by McDowell, Lader, and Segel is up to bring many nail-biting moments in the name of Windfall on Netflix.

Who is in for some dark suspense in this Hitchcockian thriller?

Joining Lily Collins of Emily in Paris and David Fincher’s Mank is a spectacular cast. While Collins is seen as the wife, the famous Jesse Plemons will play her arrogant husband. Plemons bagged an Oscar nomination for his performance in Netflix’s The Power of The DogFurther, to turn their life upside down, the most talented Charlie McDowell is in playing the unstable and clumsy culprit.

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Windfall on Netflix: teaser trailer and release date

Netflix recently released the teaser trailer of the most awaited thriller, Windfall. The 2-minute clip opens with McDowell’s character eating an orange in the wealthy couple’s vacation home garden. His robbery goes down the lane when the married couple arrives at the last minute. Little did they know they were going out only to get trapped in! Within this small clip, we get a thrilling glimpse of what Hitchcock’s style actually looks like.

Towards the end of its trailer, Netflix teases the release date of Windfall. The drama will hit your screens on the 18th of March, 2022.

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Do let us know in the comment section if you are up for some Hitchcock style thrill as Windfall makes its debut in the summer of 2022 only on Netflix.

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