The Power Of The Dog Star Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Phil And His Toxic Masculinity

The Power Of The Dog Star Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Phil And His Toxic Masculinity

Movies with big names in their cast have often performed poorly. But, The Power of The Dog starring Benedict Cumberbatch has justified its hype by impressing the audience and winning awards. Netflix released the western drama on November 11, 2021. And the movie has brought a lesser-known issue to the forefront, and it required some brilliant performances from the actors.

Benedict discussed his role in a conversation with Jane Campion, the director of the film. So, let us have a look at how Benedict prepares for big scenes and what compliments has the director reserved for him.

Benedict’s views on the film, Phil, and Jane’s observations

The movie has a unique title, and the fans want to know more about it. Thus, Benedict says, “It is about masculinity. It’s about a carnal, sensual, destructive, animalistic force, and it contains all of the sensuality of that.” The director and actor agreed the story resembled David And Goliath, but Benedict pointed out how Phil was a giant himself but disguised it.

Benedict has portrayed a toxic alpha in the movie. Jane enquired about Benedict’s previous roles, and did they have the same vibe as Phil? The actor replied, “But I am not saving Presidents from planes blowing up.” Jane praised the actor for his genuine performance: “It really is somebody I don’t see you in at all. It is thrilling to see an actor allow himself to invest so deeply in the character.”

Jane asked Benedict to elaborate on his approach to a big scene. “There were just jumping-off points where I would just kind of did stuff without us talking about it,” Benedict revealed about big scenes like where the hide goes missing. “There was no prep. I just had to jump off and see what happened.”

Why you should watch The Power of the Dog?

Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), a portrait of toxic masculinity, works at a ranch in Montana. Phil belittles everyone and anyone, including his brother George (Jesse Plemons). Things get tougher when George marries Rose (Kirsten Dunst) and brings home his new family.

Just the pair of Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst in a never-seen-before look is a good-enough reason. The movie beautifully peels away the layers of toxic masculinity. Some critics called it Benedict’s best-ever performance, while others heaped praise on Jane Campion, the director.

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