Monica Aldama Picks Her Dream Cheer Squad of Netflix Characters

Monica Aldama Picks Her Dream Cheer Squad of Netflix Characters

Cheer sensation Monica Aldama recently dropped by Netflix’s Instagram, and she had something to share with us. Monica revealed her dream cheer squad made up of Netflix characters, which she believes will be perfect. Who do you think made it to the ultimate cheer team? Well, don’t pressure yourself. We definitely reveal that soon enough.

Netflix has been the home to some of the greatest documentary series in the past few years; covering a vast array of topics, including food, history, sports, crime, and much more. However, sports documentaries are something that always catches the attention of the world, one of which is Netflix’s hit documentary series Cheer. Cheer follows Monica Aldama and the cheer team of Navarro College as they compete to become the best.

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Monica Aldama and her dream cheer team

In the quest to build an ultimate cheerleading team, Monica had to explore the plethora of characters Netflix has established over the wide range of shows and movies. First, she had to pick a Tumbler for her team, for which she had 3 absolutely amazing options: Jonathan McDonald Van Ness aka JVN, Debbie Egan, and Five Hargreeves. Aldama picked JVN, saying “I am gonna go with JVN, who is always posting amazing gymnastic videos.

Next up, Monica Aldama picked a Flyer for her cheer squad. At her disposal, she had Eleven, Sabrina Spellman, and Princess Caroline. Predictably, she picked the Stranger Things sensation Eleven. While choosing her, she said, “because she is small and powerful, but we are definitely going to have to work on her performance face.

At last, Monica picked someone for the very important role of Mat Talk. She had to pick one of Grace & Frankie, Titus Andromedon, and Ruth Langmore. She went ahead with Grace & Frankie, “because they are always optimistic and full of energy.

Monica Aldama further challenged Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer, and Maddy Brum to create their dream cheer squad.

Who would you pick to be in your dream cheer squad? let us know in the comments below.

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