Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven has different look at Stranger Things trailer

Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven has different look at Stranger Things trailer

Stranger Things season 4 sneak peek shows us how Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven looks like. Netflix has not released new episodes for their hit series Stranger Things in over two years. New-season also will arrive on the streaming service sometime in 2022.

Netflix just confirmed that the season is actually available and will upload a suspenseful supercut teaser trailer video. This sneak peek footage mixes all interesting parts from the previous three seasons with snippets of new footage for season 4. It is not easy to understand. We know that season 3 ended with Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers leaving Hawkins town, Indiana with her two sons, and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven, but we aren’t sure what this means for the new season.

In this sneak peek we are aware, Brown’s Eleven with a shaved hair, we’ve seen Eleven with a curly pixie and a lob. Now Eleven is a rite for all women: New Bangs. It’s something we all do. We all do it. One day we walk into a salon, and the next thing we know, we are thinking, “What is this?” I would look amazing with bangs. Although most of us don’t think so, we do believe it at some point. My bangs were a part of my childhood. The effect of my bangs clashing against my crooked witch eyebrows was kind of cute in a childish way, and I don’t have to worry about it as an adult. I don’t know how old Eleven is supposed to be anymore. Because the Stranger Things cast members have grown up so much since the show debuted five years ago.

Now they all look like full-on adults with mortgages now, but Eleven’s bangs are a best case, don’t-worry-they’ll-grow-out-soon scenario. They’re not completely tragic, but the wispy bits at both ends don’t make it any better.

We know last season ends with Winona Ryder‘s Joyce Byers leaving Hawkins town, Indiana with her two sons and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. However, we aren’t sure what this means for the story of the next season. The mystery new Soviet forces appear in the mix. This is a nice nod to the 1980s blockbusters that featured “mysterious Soviet force” as the villain. Fans were also confused by a post-credit scene, which left them wondering if any of the characters are still alive. Although it’s difficult to understand the meaning of the footage, it boils down to Eleven being arrested for her crimes.

This trailer also features Jim Hopper wearing a regular one, with a shaved face and a flame thrower. It looks like Steve Harrington is underwater. Max and the gang are in a haunted house with an unsettling grandfather clock. All grandfather clocks are haunted like all bad bangs.

There are also cheerleaders, a car accident, the Upside Down, and Dungeons & Dragons. Season four will be available “in 2022”, six-year after season 1. The series creators The Duffer Brothers claimed the show would only last four seasons. But now there’s talk of a fifth season. Stranger Things season 4 will be available on Netflix in 2022.

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