‘The Sandman’ Netflix Original Caught the Attention at San Diego Comic-Con Along With the Fans’ Hearts

‘The Sandman’ Netflix Original Caught the Attention at San Diego Comic-Con Along With the Fans’ Hearts

One of the biggest events for the entertainment industry and comic book lovers is San Diego Comin-Con International. SDCC is a comic book convention and nonprofit multi-genre entertainment event held annually in San Diego, California, in the United States since 1970. In this year’s event, one of Netflix’s upcoming shows caught the attention with the portrayal of their unique costumes. This Netflix Original show is The Sandman. Let’s find out more about the show at the event.

The Sandman by Netflix caught the eyes of many!

Netflix is trying to keep enriching its library. This year, many shows and movies landed on the streaming giant. One of the upcoming shows is The Sandman, which is an American fantasy drama television series based on the 1989–1996 comic book written by Neil Gaiman. Recently, Netflix streamed the full-length trailer just before a numbered of days of the release of the show.

At this international event, The Sandman’s official Twitter handle posted this clip and exposed how the show’s been getting attention.

The Sandman is the story of Dream, who is caught unexpectedly. He meets his friends and foes and must travel across the worlds and timelines to make things right. Let us see how it is taking over the internet.

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Fans express their feelings for this upcoming show!

Netflix Geeked posted this picture and wondered what they are thinking!

It overwhelmed this user to see Dream and Hob.

Her love for the actor is noticeable in these words.

Who among the cast members was a fan of The Sandman before the show. And this answer will not surprise you.

This post of the pre-SDCC party will make the fans go crazy!

This scene appreciation post shows how much the viewers observe and how effectively the creators could touch them!

Soon, the viewers will get to see the comic action live on their screen.

This user recreated the scene from the show and shared the picture on Twitter.

Fans cannot wait for this show to stream on August 5

These fans cannot keep calm about the release of this dystopian show, The Sandman, on Netflix. Share your views about the show. The Netflix original show will stream on August 5, 2022.

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