How ‘The Sandman’ Interview Ended Up Being a Bug’s Interview at the San Diego Comic-Con

How ‘The Sandman’ Interview Ended Up Being a Bug’s Interview at the San Diego Comic-Con

Over time, we have seen so many personalities of different actors in interviews. Some reveal their dark stories. Some become way funnier than they seem. While some reveal their characters, and some can keep it natural. Here, you’ll get to see a totally surprising turn of events in an interview with the cast of The Sandman. And the interview then took a very interesting twist.

The Sandman interview gets a surprising turn!

Netflix is going to stream this original show, The Sandman, on August 5. Recently, it revealed a full-length trailer and gave us a wide idea about the other world of Dream and how it turns upside down when he is caught unexpectedly. As the fans get the window into this fantastic world, they also get to see the cast members being a little funny while their interview at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The cast of the upcoming Netflix Original show, The Sandman, was in an interview, and suddenly, a bug came in and sat on Jenna Coleman’s hair. Surprisingly, she was so calm. Robert Boyd Holbrook helped her out, and then, of course, Patton, being Patton, created a funny scene there.

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He started to interview this bug who sat on Janna’s hair. He asked it some funny questions, and watching him doing so, Kirby Howell-Baptiste joined in. “Are you a Jenna Coleman fan?” was the first question that Oswalt asked. “How does it feel to be in San Diego today? How far did you travel?” asked Kirby.

If you think these are the only funny questions that these actors asked, you are absolutely incorrect. Patton, being the funny one, asked this question, and then everyone there laughed. He said, “So, you landed on Jenna, but not Patton. Are you drawn to more beautiful actress rather than weird lumpy character actress?” and then he exclaimed when the bug answered. He said, “Oh! That was hurtful. OK. Thank you.”

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Well, certainly, the moment was hilarious. But the show isn’t. The show is thrilling and has a darker tone. But as we said, the actors reveal different sides of their personalities, and the fans love watching them. The show will stream on the streaming giant on August 5. Tell us what you think the show will bring to the table.

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