Which Characters’ Interactions do ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Want to See in Season 5?

Which Characters’ Interactions do ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Want to See in Season 5?

Cobra Kai Season 4 indeed stood up to our expectations. Keeping Karate Kid nostalgia alive while also immersing deep in the lore of Miyagi Verse, the show has actually provided more than we asked for. However, the fourth outing kept so many loose ends and unanswered questions that fans are on tenterhooks. And it won’t be long before we get to explore the world of All Valley and dive deeper into the story of its kick-ass characters.

Season 5 of this American comedy-drama will be on our screens on September 9 to resolve the unaddressed issues of season 4. The biggest cliffhanger was the arrest of Kreese and the return of Terry Silver and Chozen. With so many characters returning from the original franchise, and stakes getting higher, fans are hyping up in their own unique ways. Recently, Redditors gushed about their choice of karate kids that they want to see fighting one on one or just interact. And they came up with some interesting pairs indeed.

Fans came up with some interesting Cobra Kai character interactions

A fan recently started a discussion on Reddit asking, “what characters haven’t interacted yet that you want to see interact (in Cobra Kai)?” And the pairs they came up with are rather appealing. The very first choice was Demetri Alexopoulos fighting Terry Silver. Demetri, after being bullied for years, decided to join Cobra Kai dojo with his friend Eli. Later, disagreeing with the ethics of Kreese’s dojo, he finally joined Miyagi-do and learned to fight his battle. And we all know who Terry Silver is. Demetri would probably take the villain down with his fluent sarcasm.

Some other characters that fans seemingly want to pair up in Cobra Kai are Robby and Carmen, Kenny and Tory, and the list continues. One reply read that youtube theorists’ hype would be real for Chozen and Anthony. Sure, it will be fun to watch them have a match.

Another comment read that the interaction of Robby and Carmen needed to happen seasons ago. Probably there are 2 ways for it to go; Robby will probably try to avoid her knowing she probably hates him, Carmen will blame him for almost killing Miguel, or maybe Carmen will be sympathetic towards him due to her relationship with Johnny.

Yet another fan wants to see Chozen and Johnny catching up in Cobra Kai in season 5

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What is your choice of characters from Cobra Kai that you would want to interact with each other in the upcoming season? Remember, they must not have interacted before. Keep the fun going in the comment section below.

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