Fans Demand a ‘Cobra Kai’-Esque Spin-off For ‘Stranger Things’ With THIS Character at Centre Of it All

Fans Demand a ‘Cobra Kai’-Esque Spin-off For ‘Stranger Things’ With THIS Character at Centre Of it All

Towards the end of Stranger Things 4, we have got many favorite characters, including our dude, Argyle. However, the most interesting of all is Murray Bauman. Introduced to us in the second season, Bauman is a private investigator who absolutely loves to hang out with the nerds of Hawkins High. Although a side character till the 3rd season, Gelman, the actor, was promoted to the main cast in Stranger Things 4. And it is absolutely the best decision ever made.

In Stranger Things 4, we unveil yet another quality of Murray. He loves to do karate and kick some asses off. We see him beat the meat out of Yuri, the Russian smuggler when he threatens him and Joyce. You see, he has fought the bigger kids. Watch out, dear bad people!

Stranger Things 4': Brett Gelman Spent 3 Months Learning Black Belt Karate for Murray's Fight Scene

After the fourth season and seeing Murray’s kung fu prowess, fans demand him to open a karate dojo in the Stranger Things spin-off. In other words, fans want a Cobra Kai-like spin-off of this gritty and sinister series.

Fans want a Cobra Kai-like spin-off of Murray’s time in Dojo in Stranger Things

Cobra Kaijust like Stranger Things, is one of Netflix’s hit shows that has changed the history of content. If you are already a fan of this kick-ass series, you might already know all about it. However, if you aren’t, here’s a little idea of the show just for you. The series is set thirty years after the rivalry of the famous karate kids ended with Daniel LaRusso defeating Johnny Lawrence. Now, Johnny boy was a wasted man until one day he saw a few boys bullying Miguel. The anecdote inspired him to restart his dojo. Following this is a lot of drama and new dojos coming into the scene.

Well, Murray, whose fingers are like arrows and arms like iron, would surely fit into that world. Just imagine him training the kids of the hell-fire club with his martial arts techniques. And when another evil threatens the town-ship of Hawkins in the Stranger Things spin-off, they would just shoo it away with their kick-ass moves. Sure, they would show no mercy at all.

Fans even have the script ready for this stunning cameo.

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What are your thoughts about this crossover of Stranger Things spin-off and Cobra Kai? Comment down below.

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