WATCH: Heartwarming Reactions of Couples When They First See Each Other in Love Is Blind Season 2

WATCH: Heartwarming Reactions of Couples When They First See Each Other in Love Is Blind Season 2

Netflix’s Love is Blind season 2, an experimental dating reality show makes us realize not all the people in the world love their partners blindly. So, Still Watching Netflix uploaded a video on Love is Blind Season 2, where the couples see each other for the first time. Will their love grow for each other or will they realize that they’re not perfect for each other? Let’s find out.

Love in Blind couples’ first meeting

Love is Blind is a reality dating show, where single men and women get to know each other “only by chatting”. They go on dates in a pod, divided by a wall, unable to see each other. If they become comfortable with their potential partners, they get engaged. After the engagement, comes the honeymoon and meeting each other’s families. But the ultimate day comes when they say “I do” to each other on their wedding day.

The YouTube video captures the moment of the couples when they see their potential partner for the first time. The video captioned as, “After falling in love and getting engaged in the pods, the Love is Blind couples see each other for the first time. Watch the first looks between Shayne and Natalie, Salvador and Mallory, Kyle and Shaina, Jarrette and Iyanna, Nick and Danielle, and Shake and Deepti.” 

So, recollect all the memories, and explore the moment where the couples met each other for the first time.

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Salvador and Mallory

Salvador Perez and Mallory Perez share the same Mexican heritage. So, they bonded over similar traditions and cultures. When they first meet each other, Salvador becomes overwhelmed. But Mallory was a little confused that if she should move forward with the relationship.

Shake and Deepti

Just like Salvador and Mallory, Shake and Deepti bonded over their Indian heritage. For the first time, both of them were dating a person from Indian origin. From the first, Shake was very clear about his physical attraction. Even when they met, it seems like both of them are very attracted to each other. But later, Shake confesses he is not physically attracted to Deepti.

Shayne and Natalie

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are two opposite personalities who became attracted to each other. They became extremely happy after their first meeting. Shayne and Natalie are arguably the strongest engaged couple in season 2.

Kyle and Shaina

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams bonded over pretty quickly. But they hit a wall with their religion. Kyle is an atheist and Shaina is a devoted Christian. They were extremely happy when they met each other. At one point, Kyle claims, “I see her, and I’m like, shit, I’m a slouch. Way outta my league.” But Shaina was confused about their engagement when they see each other for the first time. Needless to say, things didn’t bode well for them later.

Nick and Danielle

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl bonded over their similar personalities. Both of them go on quite an emotional rollercoaster. However, they are finally happy to see each other.

Jarrette and Iyanna

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely have quite a height difference. But perfectly fit in each other heart. When they first met each other, they become emotional and romantically hug each other.

What did you think of these Love is Blind couples’ first meeting? If you haven’t yet streamed this show, all episodes are available on Netflix.

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