How Is a Love Is Blind Wedding Planned?

How Is a Love Is Blind Wedding Planned?

A couple’s most memorable and essential stage during a relationship is planning the wedding. It is not just about setting the date but also choosing the caterer, whom all to invite, and other million things to make their special day perfect. But what if the to-be bride and groom do not even see each other for the whole relationship? That is what Love Is Blind does.

So let us find out how the minds behind Love is Blind plan the perfect wedding.

What goes behind a Love Is Blind wedding

As you approach the finale of Love is Blind season two while streaming it on Netflix, you know what is coming. We will get to see which of the six final couples will finally take their vows and have their happily ever after.

While discussing what goes into planning the wedding, a representative of the production house, Kinetic Connect, told Insider that couples are a big part of the day and have a say in how the wedding will turn out.

Both the bride and groom are given color schemes as to what kind of a proposal ring they want to present to their soon-to-be fiancés. Also, if a contestant has a ring brought with him, he can use it. For example, Kyle Abrams, in season two, proposes with a ring he had with him.

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Also, if they have a cultural preference for how the ceremonies should occur, they can ask the presenters to do it for them, like Deepti and Shake’s ceremony.

What about the guests?

Due to covid-19 restriction, much of the crew take the guests’ place, causing the contestants to have a small wedding, especially in season two. Both get to invite 15 guests to share their day with. The guests also have to sign an NDA and turn in their phones, as they do not risk spoiling the finale for viewers.

Contestants have no say over the venue and due to the pandemic, only specifc locations are available for shooting.

Have you watched the Season finale of Love is Blind yet? If you have, do let us know whose wedding was the most beautiful in the comments below.

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