Wanda vs Vecna: Who caused the Mysterious Red Glow in the Atlantic Ocean?

Wanda vs Vecna: Who caused the Mysterious Red Glow in the Atlantic Ocean?

If there were an Academy Award for the badest villain, then this year, the undisputed champion would be Vecna. However, this was also the year Wanda terrified us all in the Multiverse of Madness. Now we will let you guys decide who was better. But one thing is for sure we don’t want any of the two to exist in real life. The sheer amount of havoc the two can cause would be apocalyptic. And unlike the movies, we do not have any heroes to stop them.

But it looks like there has been some movement in the Atlantic Ocean that might be an indicator of either of the villains’ existence. Let us look at what is happening at the Atlantic seabed, and who could’ve been responsible for it, Vecna or Wanda?

Was it Vecna or Wanda at the Atlantic Ocean creating mysterious red lights?

Marine life has always been mysterious to mankind. It is believed that 91% of the entire marine life is yet to be discovered. And it looks like a new discovery is on its way. Recently at a depth of 1.6 miles, there are a dozen sets of holes resembling a track of lines on the ocean bottom. Then, roughly a week later, on Thursday, four further sightings were reported in the Azores Plateau, which is an underwater territory where three tectonic plates collide.

These holes were roughly a mile deep and around 300 miles from the expedition’s first finding. Similar seafloor holes were discovered along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 18 years ago. Their whereabouts are unknown. The unidentified nature surely makes the phenomena a bit intimidating.

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And the red glow that appears from the sea bed seems to resemble the dark red atmosphere of Vecna’s territory, Upside Down. It even looks like the red magic that illuminates Wanda Maximoff whenever she taps into her power.

As the nature of the scarlet lights remains unknown, whom do you think could be responsible for it? And also, let us know if you think it resembles more Vecna or Wanda in the comments below.

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