“There’s a lot of heavy lifting you need to do”: Neil Gaiman Talks About the Most Difficult Issue to Adapt in ‘The Sandman’

“There’s a lot of heavy lifting you need to do”: Neil Gaiman Talks About the Most Difficult Issue to Adapt in ‘The Sandman’

Adapting any story from paper to screen is a difficult task. The task becomes even harder if the narrative is about any character who is larger than life and has a mythological context. While adapting, you need to make sure the story’s on-screen adaptation carries the original material’s essence. Neil Gaiman, who originally wrote the recently released and highly appreciated Netflix Original adaptation of a comic called The Sandman, talks about the difficulties while translating the story and actually shooting it.

This was the most difficult issue to adapt according to Neil Gaiman

After waiting for 32 years, Neil Gaiman finally took his creation to the big screens with Netflix. The Sandman, the story of The Endless, has received positive reviews from all its viewers and critics. Moreover, we absolutely get how difficult it must have been for the creators of the show to keep the essence of its source material while trying to modernize it. In an interview, along with the team of the show, Neil Gaiman answered questions about the most difficult issue to adapt to in the Netflix series.

During the interview, a fan asked , “Which issue from the comics was the most difficult to adapt?” Even we want to know the answer. Neil reveals it was the first issue that was the hardest to adapt. And it was the one that they worked incredibly hard on, even after writing the whole script. The reason is that it is a story that covers 105 years.

The main character is on the screen. He is trapped in a globe, stark naked, unable to say a word, or refusing to say a word. “So, there’s a lot of heavy lifting you need to do in an episode like that,” says Neil about that episode. Despite all the difficulties, it is the perfect pilot episode that sets the tone and background for the ones who haven’t even read the original comics.

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The adaptation is so beautiful and accurate that it received appreciation from a fellow DC writer of Neil. There is nothing off-beat about the show. Witness all the hard work and the brilliance of the creators here and stream the show right now.


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