A Journey Of Dreams And Nightmares, It Took Neil Gaiman 32 Years To Bring ‘The Sandman’ To Life

A Journey Of Dreams And Nightmares, It Took Neil Gaiman 32 Years To Bring ‘The Sandman’ To Life

Neil Gaiman is a well-known graphic novel and short story writer honored with the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards. His novels including StardustAmerican GodsCoraline, and The Graveyard Book are great fantasies. But his comic series The Sandman is the most popular work published by DC comics. The visionary author is finally taking his world of astounding imagination to real-life presentation. The first look at the Netflix show has already shaken the minds of viewers. As we have never seen a real embodiment of the Dream that runs the human world in the silence of the night. Let’s see what the originator himself has to say about the show.

Neil Gaiman sees the world of Endless coming to life in The Sandman release 

The writer has awaited this moment for more than 30 years since his comic was first published in 1989. The Sandman is a dream come true for him showcasing Tom Sturridge as Dream aka Morpheus. Because seeing the world you have created with your hands onscreen is a comforting yet exhilarating thing.

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Like we saw him revealing the information about the show in Netflix’s first look video. The video included the cast and creators’ interviews sharing their amazing experiences of bringing the show to life.

Neil Gaiman stated in the video: “For 32 years, Sandman was the thing in the comics. This year, it’s becoming real”.

Moreover, he added that viewers will be surprised to get on with the characters on a wonderful journey. Because all human dreams and nightmares are created in this immortal realm. The magic is spreading its wings to fly high in the unimaginable world of challenges this season.

Like, the producer Allan Heinberg said in the video that this legendary author has given viewers hope that magic is possible. Therefore, the series will make us believe that the world has unexplored dimensions. And there are things except for human life that we are not aware of. This show will take us to a world where dreams will come true.

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Netflix will launch this graphic novel adaptation on August 5, 2022. Season 1 has six episodes and creators have revealed there will be season 2 also. Are you excited to see all the invincible powers of this world coming together?

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