Netflix Unveils the Voice Behind Martin Tenbones in ‘The Sandman’, Remember Shrunken Head From ‘Harry Potter’?

Netflix Unveils the Voice Behind Martin Tenbones in ‘The Sandman’, Remember Shrunken Head From ‘Harry Potter’?

Netflix has had an amazing lineup of shows and movies so far this year. Many popular series received a new blockbuster season, while others were launched for the first time. Another show that shall be making its debut in just a few days is Netflix’s ambitious The Sandman adaptation project. The show has an amazing cast with incredible visuals that is a sure-shot recipe for greatness.

However, it looks like Netflix is still impressing us with The Sandman’s cast. Just mere days before its release, the streaming service announced the legendary voice actor who will be voicing the lovable beast Martin Tenbones in the series.

Want to find out who it is? Then read along.

Martin Tenbones from The Sandman voice actor revealed

After already dazzling the fans with an incredible cast in The Sandman, Netflix has yet again proven that they still had an ace under their sleeves. Less than two weeks before the release of The Sandman, the streaming giant announced recently that the legendary Lenny Henry should be voicing Martin Tenbones in the series.

Even if you haven’t heard the name of Mr. Lenny, you have undoubtedly heard his voice before. Henry has had an impressive career in voice acting, providing his voices to popular films such as Zog and even Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Who is Martin Tenbones?

Martin Tenbones is a colossal dog-like monster inspired by one of Barbie’s childhood toys. He was slain by the NYPD while searching for Barbie. When Barbie dreamed of a weird location called The LandMartin served as her guardian.

An esteemed actor like Lenny voicing such an iconic and lovable character like Tenbones will certainly be a treat for the fans. Lenny is famous for his amazing impressions and incredible wit. So audiences should expect him to bring his humor to the character of Martin.

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What do you guys think about the casting? Do you think Lenny is the perfect actor to voice Martin? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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