“Six little movies in a row”: Why ‘The Sandman’ Producer, Allan Heinberg is calling the show so special and different?

“Six little movies in a row”: Why ‘The Sandman’ Producer, Allan Heinberg is calling the show so special and different?

The first trailer of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy epic comic left the viewers startled depicting the family of Endless. The famous DC comic adaptation invites people to experience a dangerous world of dreams. Where story focuses on ‘Dream’ one of the Endless who has been imprisoned for over a century. The Lord of Dreaming finally gets free from the shackles in the Netflix series and begins to explore worlds. The Sandman has been created by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer, and Allan Heinberg and will premiere on Netflix on August 5, 2022. Meanwhile, the creators have shared some exclusive perspectives about this slick-looking show. Let’s dive deeper into the conversation with the team to know more about this enchanting world.

The Sandman takes viewers on a thrilling journey of diverse worlds and timelines

Depicting a story of invincible powers of the universe series introduces us to Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. Personified in the image of powerful humans who can control the existence of humanity. We meet an iconic star cast including Tom Sturridge as Dream, Game of Thrones‘ Brienne aka Gwendoline Christie.

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The official page of Netflix Geeked shared a video of cast and creator interviews where they talk about the show. The post captioned:

“It’s never just a dream. Neil Gaiman and the Executive Producers behind THE SANDMAN tell the story of how they approached bringing the world of the iconic graphic novel to life at long last.”

In the conversion, the executive producer Allen Heinberg said that the initial season is unique. Because all the first six episodes will take viewers to different worlds and a different cast.

“So it’s almost like six little movies in a row” remarked the showrunner. If you wanna watch the whole video take a look here.

Moreover, the first look of The Sandman is a convincing masterpiece that gave major gothic vibes. The whole thing feels like an amalgamation of Harry Potter, Lord of Rings, Game of Thrones, and other fantasies. Where Dream aka Morpheus embarks on a journey to find mystic objects. Because his reign is constantly threatened by evils and he had to reclaim what’s his rights.

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Therefore, to combat the two main antagonists of the show nightmare Corinthian and the demon Lucifer. Can you imagine a world without dreams? As dreams are the most important part of the human soul whether they see them while sleeping or awake. Well, Tom Sturridge is one of the most mesmerizing personifications we have seen on Television.

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