The Umbrella Academy Star Justin Hong-Kee Min Thanks Fans for Hating Ben Hargeeves, but They Disagree

The Umbrella Academy Star Justin Hong-Kee Min Thanks Fans for Hating Ben Hargeeves, but They Disagree

One of the greatest highlights of the year 2022 has to be the new The Umbrella Academy. The latest addition to the superhero family show was a thrilling one, with fans wanting more the moment the new season ended. However, if one has to name the best part of the new series, it has to be Ben Hargeeves, played by Justin Hong-Kee Min.

This new version of the beloved Ben took fans by surprise. The new Ben was a complete polar opposite of the previous one. And Justin did his absolute best to make people despise him. But despite his excellent efforts, do the fans hate him?

Let us find out what fans think about the Ben Hargeevs of the Sparrow Academy.

Justin Hong-Kee Min loves that fans hate his Ben

Fans of The Umbrella Academy were over the moon when they first got to know that they’ll meet the new Sparrow Academy in the newest season of the Netflix Original.

The Sparrows are a parallel universe version of The Umbrella Academy, but they are not similar in any way, especially when it comes it Ben Hargeeves.

The original Ben was a loveable ghost who, after his death, had still been part of the team for almost two decades now. However, all of it changed when we met the new and much alive Ben in the third season.

This new Ben was different from his previous version in almost every way. He is mean and tougher than the original Ben. And it looks like actor Justin Hong-Kee Min loved playing the role more darkly.

He even posted an appreciation tweet for people hating him.

Certainly, the new Ben has his fair share of shortcomings that made people dislike him at the beginning of the season. But it looks like fans did what they do best: welcome him with their open arms.

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Fans are now openly showing their love for the new character and are even accepting his flaws. Some of the tweets by people are.

Fans are excited to see what turn the character of Ben shall take in probably season 4 of The Umbrella AcademyMeanwhile, let us know if you guys loved the new version or not.

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