WATCH: The Most Hilarious Fight Scene From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3, Which Is Not Even Real

WATCH: The Most Hilarious Fight Scene From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3, Which Is Not Even Real

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy came up with the most unexpected plot that no fan had ever imagined. The show has once again displayed its uniqueness that people liked it for in season 1. In the latest season, the Hargreeves siblings unknowingly reach an altered timeline, where their identity is in crisis. In this reality, Sir Reginald adopted a different group of supernatural kids. The siblings are shocked to see that their Academy is titled ‘Sparrows’ instead of Umbrella. And to prove who’s better among the two groups, they get into a mind-boggling battle that left fans chuckling. Have you seen this battle of feet? If not, we will give you the best updates on this hilarious scene.

The super dance face-off between interdimensional siblings of The Umbrella Academy season 3

The Hargreeves siblings have always loved a good tap on the dance stage. For instance, we saw them swirling on Toploader’s ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ in previous seasons of The Umbrella Academy. The new season is back with Kenny Loggins’ ‘FootLoose’ and two teams of superheroes are seen competing tirelessly. It all started with both the groups arguing that they are the real superheroes adopted by Reginald. Subsequently, Ben says they have 30 seconds to move out of their house and if they don’t, “Then we’ll have to settle this the old-fashioned way.”

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The Hargreeves were ready to get into a real battle of punches and strokes. However, it turned out that Sparrows have challenged them in a weird dance competition. They form a circle and show the best of their moves to the heating orchestral music. Viewers were completely left wonderstruck, laughing to the end of the scene as not a single soul expected this kind of battle.

However, there was a big twist that awaited the audience which blew their minds. It turned out in episode 1 that this whole dance battle was a hallucination. We saw during the verbal fight Sparrow Jayme spitted a blue ink on Diego’s face, which caused The Kraken to hallucinate the entire thing under the spell. Well, for fans, it doesn’t matter if it was a dream or hallucination, they thoroughly enjoyed it. Viewers, who haven’t got a day full of laughter, should stream the episodes of season 3 on Netflix.

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