The Umbrella Academy Cast Tests Their Compatibility As The Sparrow Academy Takes Over In Season 3

The Umbrella Academy Cast Tests Their Compatibility As The Sparrow Academy Takes Over In Season 3

The time travel series The Umbrella Academy captivated the heart of viewers from its first arrival in 2019. The estranged superhero family comes together to unravel some dangerous secrets after their father’s death. The outstanding storylines created by Steve Blackman hit billboards while receiving positive reviews from critics. And certainly, the work done by cast members working together as Hargreeves siblings for two seasons fascinated people. After receiving Six Emmy awards we don’t think that there is any Netflix viewer who doesn’t know about the show. Recently the cast members of season 3 were playing a guessing game that tested their companionship.

The Umbrella Academy 3 cast playing ‘How Well They Know Each Other’ before the release of the season

With this trend of series-making cast members get more gel-up time as they remain connected to shoot new seasons. Actors often get time for chatting, chilling, and playing games with each other after their shoot times. And the cast of this superhit series got about 3 years playing siblings in the show. In these years of togetherness, they might have got to know each other’s habits and likings.

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However, this companionship is put to the real test on the Vanity Fair Game Show where they asked each other personal questions. The show invited Emmy Raver-Lampman, Aidan Gallagher, David Castañeda, Tom Hopper, and Justin H. Min. To put forward their knowledge about other actors in The Umbrella Academy show. So the round started with Emmy questioning her favorite Backstreet Boy. And nobody seemed to reach the exact answer while they made good guesses.

There was also a leaderboard to count who is giving most of the right answers. Furthermore, Jimmy asks his first question: What is my most prized possession? And once again others fill in some hilarious answers saying his isolation is what he loves most. Bad guess I guess! He loves to keep chapsticks! Therefore this fun game How Well Do They Know Each Other goes on for about 14 minutes. And if you wish to find more interesting things about The Umbrella Academy 3 cast watch the full video here.

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Well, it’s not a big deal if they guess these tiny things viewers are going to see their chemistry in season 3. Because your favorite show has been released just today globally only on Netflix. Go stream it now!

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