Stranger Things’ Max, Sadie Sink’s First-Ever Kiss Was On-Screen but NOT Scripted

Stranger Things’ Max, Sadie Sink’s First-Ever Kiss Was On-Screen but NOT Scripted

It seems like yesterday when we first saw Millie and her gang as young teenagers, trying to figure out what was wrong with their hometown. And since then, we have come a long way over the course of four glorious seasons. Apart from watching one of the greatest stories unfold, we also got to be a part of the young cast’s growing years. Since the cast was extremely young when they started the show, they had many of their firsts on the screen. That also applies to the season 2 entrant Sadie Sink.

Sadie was just 15 when she made her first appearance in season 2 as the cool and tough Max Mayfield. As a result, Sadie, too, had her first kiss on-screen, just like another of her co-star. But unlike other kisses in the show, Sadie’s wasn’t in the script.

Sadie Sink’s first kiss was unscripted

The unscripted kiss between her character, Max, and Caleb McLaughlin‘s Lucas happens at the close of the season’s last episode, Chapter 9: The Gate.

Sink said in an episode of the talk program Beyond Stranger Things that the kiss between the characters was unexpected and that she was informed of the scene modification on set the day of the shoot.

Sink and McLaughlin had never kissed someone before. And while commenting about her first experience of kissing someone, Sadie said that even though she was nervous, she knew it was completely natural.

“I mean, of course, I was nervous because it’s a first kiss, right?” is what Sadie Sink had to say.

Even though the kiss wasn’t in the script, Sadie said that she never felt pushed or uncomfortable. In fact, the Fear Street star complemented the Duffer brothers for always creating a safe space for the actors.

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Since that impromptu scene and season 2, not only has Sadie grown in the show, but she has also polished her acting skills as well. Her talent was at its peak in season four’s Dear Billy episode.

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