Breaking Down The Last Five Minutes Of Episode 4, ‘Dear Billy’ from Stranger Things Season 4

Breaking Down The Last Five Minutes Of Episode 4, ‘Dear Billy’ from Stranger Things Season 4

Trending as the second top show on Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 feels like it fascinated the audience once again. Episode 4 has received much appraisal from the viewers. Sadie Sink aka ‘Max’ has played the ending of the episode remarkably well. The last five minutes were the core of all emotions and bonds between the characters.

Max running out of time in Stranger Things season 4 episode 4 

In the episode “Dear Billy” Max’s curse comes on the verge of strangling her to the end. However, she is saved by the flashback of good times with her Hawkins gang. Sadie Sink was so natural in the scene that it felt all so real. Like she is trapped in the doomed world of Vecna choking to death. Besides, her letters to family, friends, and Billy created a massive impact on the ending of the episode. The performance was everything! The dialogues! The hurry! The chaos! & life of a young sweet girl on the threshold! When Vecna says: 

“There is a reason you hide from them. You belong here with me.”

On which revolting Max replies “You are not really here” and jumps out of his captive. 

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The retro-style animation gave a purgatory feeling. Where the soul of max is going to be stuck forever hanging on walls like other dead people. Duffer Brothers have keenly designed the whole scene so that it may give resemblance to a cursed place. The body of Max levitates off the graveyard while she is running from Vecna in an illusive world. The bloody sky, thunder, suspense, fear, and chasing steal the breath of spectators. 

Max dancing to the tunes of wicked Vecna 

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The song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush opened the portal to Max’s life. It was the perfect climax tune that manifested the fear of death and the final chance at survival. Surprisingly all the soundtracks ideally fitted the situation where melodious upfront had wicked underneath. For instance, Victor humming the song of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Dream A Little Dream of Me” had a classic nostalgic tone. The music was connecting the range of the past incident to present complexities of Max. Hence, the menacing music was a key to the unsettling ending of the episode. 

Haven’t watched the episode yet? You’ll definitely scream at the hideous look of Vecna streaming only on Netflix.

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