Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) And Vecna (Jamie Campbell) Chilling During ‘Dear Billy’ Will Take Away Your Horrors Of That Scene

Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) And Vecna (Jamie Campbell) Chilling During ‘Dear Billy’ Will Take Away Your Horrors Of That Scene

Vibing after long rehearsals! That is the best part of shooting when cast members take a minute or two from their shoot to have fun together because actors become friends after spending a great deal of time with each other on the sets. And this season, we got to see loads of backstage photos and videos from the Stranger Things cast. In these photos, they are chilling, talking, and playing games to refresh themselves from the tiring shoots of summer. In one of these photos, viewers got a glimpse of Sadie Sink and Vecna laughing together. 

People are once again fancied by the wicked Vecna revealed by a post on Reddit

There is a photo on Reddit circulated by fans of Stranger Things in which Sadie Sink and Jamie Campbell are seen chuckling. The smiling faces of Vecna and Max in the Reddit post are crashing the scariest scene of episode “Dear Billy”. The scene had shaken the hearts of viewers when Vecna was trying to guzzle Max’s soul out of her body while she was levitating like a dead body in the air. 

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However, this post took away all the fears that Vecna left in viewers’ hearts at the end of episode 4. And fans are constantly commenting on Reddit about the backstage fun between actors of Stranger Things

What fans are saying about the buddies vibe between Sadie Sink and Jamie Campbell Bower?

This is not the first time fan are going all mad about their beloved Vecna. But this time, Max Mayfield has joined hands with him on the set of Stranger Things season 4. Fans posted about this on social media, the origin post remarked “Max and Vecna Chilling“. On the other hand, one fan formed a hilarious dialogue between Max and Vecna that he has invited Max for tea and cakes and she accepted his invitation. They are BFFs now! 


On the other hand, a fan pitied Vecna that he was just in need of a good friend and he was just misunderstood by people. Continuing the chain of funny comments, another fan reacted to the photo and said Vecna traumatizing Max was a misunderstanding. But the past is all pardoned they are besties now. 

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Since the photo was posted on Reddit, comments by fans has become an endless chain of amusing ideas and interpretation. But this is how great things are created when actors have friendship and chemistry between them. Therefore, Sadie Sink and Jamie Campbell have done their job undeniably well, leaving a forever memory in fans’ hearts.

What do you think about Vecna and Max hanging out?

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