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Rowan Atkinson Calls His Iconic Role “self-consumed weirdo” Ahead of Man vs Bee Release on Netflix

Can you imagine a tiny creature such as a bee can create so many troubles for a human being? Well, it seems Rowan Atkinson is facing a war-like situation with this black and yellow creature. In an upcoming comedy series on Netflix, Man Vs. Bee, Rowan Atkinson, as Trevor, has a job to keep the lavish house safe of a businesswoman. What does Rowan have to say about this character?

Rowan Atkinson about his iconic role in an upcoming comedy, Man Vs. Bee

We all know that our favorite Mr. Bean is the master of physical comedy. With his expressions only, he can make us laugh hard. Rowan Atkinson, as Trevor in Man Vs. Bee, talks about his character and the show. He says they liked the idea of a house-sitter who was clearly under-qualified for the job. The job was to look after a very wealthy couple’s house, which is full of extremely valuable objects. Rowan admits that it felt like a funny idea to him.

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However, his fans might find similarities between Mr. Bean and Trevor. Johnny English star adds that this new character is more gentle and more sincere than the other characters that he has played. He calls this new character a self-consumed weirdo. “To play a genuinely good-natured, sweet character is quite rare for me, because Mr. Ban certainly isn’t, Johnny English isn’t – he’s another sort of self-consumed weirdo,” says Atkinson.

The comedy that Man Vs. Bee is representing is physical and visible. The fans expected this from Mr. bean star and comic dubbed “the man with the rubber”. Visual comedy always inspired Atkinson. While explaining why he is perfect for the role, Atkinson says, “I guess it must be a combination of some skill and aptitude, and an interest in the discipline of visual comedy.”

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He also adds, “I’ve always been inspired by visual comedies, and particularly by a French comedian called Jacques Tati.”

He remembers watching his old movies when he was young and that was a great source of inspiration for him. Further, he also adds that he feels like he can do better, no matter whatever he does. In one scene where the bee gets into Trevor’s trousers; Atkinson performed spontaneously in the scene. Therefore, Rowan admits, “most of that was me just being silly,” about this scene. Even though he believes in rehearsing for each of his performances, these little improvisations make us love Mr. Bean more.

We are eagerly waiting to see this “self-constructed weirdo” on screen.

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