“Is this the bee Amber’s dog stepped on?”: Fans Connect Rowan Atkinson’s Latest Netflix Series to the Amber Heard Meme

“Is this the bee Amber’s dog stepped on?”: Fans Connect Rowan Atkinson’s Latest Netflix Series to the Amber Heard Meme

Netflix released the trailer for their surprise comedy series Man vs Bee yesterday. Within just 24 hours of being released, the trailer has made people laugh and overcome with joy after seeing Rowan Atkinson once again. People are rapidly commenting on the trailer on all platforms. While many comments are of praise and applaud both the series and the cast, one comment on the trailer’s Facebook post has made people laugh even more than the trailer itself. If you didn’t see the comment yet, then here’s a clue for you: It’s about a bee and a popular meme.

People are comparing Man vs Bee by Netflix to a popular meme

We live in the era of memes. There is just no denying that. Whatever huge happens in this world, whether it is an incident at a prestigious award show or simply comparing two characters of a show, everything gets communicated via memes.

And they are pretty hilarious. We all have mindlessly scrolled and laughed at memes for hours. So, when the trailer of a show as hilarious as Man vs Bee releases, how can people not have a laugh or two in the comment section?

Mr. Bean‘s official Facebook page yesterday posted the trailer for the new Netflix Original with the caption, “Man 🙋🏻‍♂️ + Bee 🐝 + Dog 🐶 = Disaster 💥 .”

The caption instantly recalls another popular Tik Tok trend that has been going on. And a user did not let the opportunity slide to crack the joke.

Others weren’t far behind. One of them followed the TikTok trend and wrote a “Bee poem”

Some other fans went a step further by suggesting a new cast for the show:

Then there was a fan wishing for a dog vs bee fight, and yet another mourning the death of the star of the show: the bee

Some fans could finally understand Amber’s inspiration (or was it vice versa?)

A well-wisher fan also prayed for Rowan Atkinson and the movie’s team

All the conspiracy theorists, ahoy!

It is indeed a hilarious connection that has been made with the story Amber Heard told on May 4th. Her retelling of how her dog accidentally stepped on a bee has become a huge trend.

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Many people are now dueting the original video clip of the courtroom and are rhyming with it. Thus, forming a hilarious poem. And now that a show that revolves around a conflict with a bee is around the corner, it kind of becomes an obvious though a hilarious joke.

What did you guys think about the hilarious comparison? Let us know in the comments. Also, did you guys watch the trailer for the Man vs Bee?

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