Bear Grylls Should Give Rowan Atkinson Some Lessons as He Stars in Netflix’s ‘Man vs. Bee’

Bear Grylls Should Give Rowan Atkinson Some Lessons as He Stars in Netflix’s ‘Man vs. Bee’

There is no actor as iconic as Rowan Atkinson. He is literally a living legend, easily loved by billions all around the world. His ability to create humor just using expressions and body is unbeatable to date. Maybe that’s why Netflix had to get him in a series. Thus, Netflix brings you Man vs, Bee.

Man vs Bee is a new comedy series starring none other than Mr. Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson, in a hilarious cat-mouse chase with a bee! The series is already as hilarious as it could be. But let us try to find out more about it.

What is Man vs. Bee on Netflix about?

Prepare for a hilarious journey as Rowan Atkinson returns to the big screen to tickle your funny bone like never before! With his new comic series Mav vs. Bee, Rowman Atkinson is about to return to your TV (and mobile) screens.

Trevor‘s (Rowan Atkinson) feud with an insect (bee) leads to catastrophe in this entertaining Netflix Original series. A buzzing bee taunts the 67-year-old Mr. Bean actor, resulting in the mayhem that leads to one problem after another as Trevor tries to overcome his foe.

On Thursday evening, the teaser for Man vs. Bee was released, depicting how the bumblebee bothers Trevor while he attempts to declare his victory over the bug.

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Trevor, on the other hand, injures himself as well as causes several mishaps and devastation at the million-pound estate, where he is recruited as a caretaker, in his quest to defeat the bug.

When is the series releasing?

From June 24, the nine-part series will be available for viewing on Netflix. Rowan Atkinson is returning to television following the global success of his silent comedy Mr. Bean.

Man vs. Bee looks to be the new comedy series to enthrall the viewers, based on the trailer and, of course, Rowan Atkinson‘s hilarious performance against the buzzing bee.

Also, no extra points for anticipating Atkinson’s outstanding performance in the series, which is evident in the teaser.

Are you guys excited to see the hero of all our childhood, Rowan Atkinson, return to the screen? Let us know in the comments.

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