NFL-Stranger Things Crossover Takes Over Twitter As League Stars Are Likened to Netflix Blockbuster Characters

NFL-Stranger Things Crossover Takes Over Twitter As League Stars Are Likened to Netflix Blockbuster Characters

Stranger Things has taken the viewers by storm with the arrival of its latest season. It has spelled its cast all over the world, including that of the NFL. While our beloved Lucas is ruling the Hawkins basketball team, the younger sister seems to be the nerdiest of all in the Hellfire club. We have got something stranger than Stranger Things’ latest mystery character 001. And if you are a hardcore NFL fan, you need to gather your wit and hang on with us.

Don’t worry, NFL players are not held hostage by Vecna. Instead, NFL decided to capitalize on the show’s popularity and produce a rib-tickling Twitter thread. Here we are to introduce you to some of the best doppelgangers of our beloved characters from the most satisfying season of this gore show.

NFL on Twitter compares its star players to their Stranger Things carbon copies

 Sure, it isn’t weird at all for NFL to draw such comparisons. The best players in the league frequently compare themselves to superheroes and even wrestlers. Although all that’s known, this one’s quite startling and downright hilarious at the same time.

Stars such as Tom Bardy, Derek Carr, Justin Herbert, Aaron Rodgers, etc., are involved in these spot-on comparisons. The very first in the thread draw parallels between our beloved Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven and Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. They both look right through our hearts: spiffing and full-on. It also features Tom Bardy as Will Byers, played by none other than Noah Schnapp.

Next in the thread are comparisons of famous NFL stars to characters such as Billy, Steve, Hopper, etc. These are so up to the point that we couldn’t help but simp on them.

Told you already, that The boys are cringe-worthy indeed! Scroll up again and enjoy the sight as many times as you want to.

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And well, the fans’ reactions are just as entertaining. Have a look and engage with the party.

Fans’ reaction to NFL’s Thread

Well, fans never back out from adding to the fun. The reactions were rather quick, posting their own renditions of NFL doppelgangers. Among them, the comparison of Pete Caroll, the coach to the mysterious Papa aka Dr. Brenner is the most hilarious and apt one. Here have a look at a few of them:

One fan found a comparison for Vecna, as well.

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While there is no paranormal activity going on in the NFL world; there’s something brewing up in the team regarding the mandatory minicamps. And, with the 2nd part of Stranger Things season 4 currently streaming, we want you to grab your bucket of popcorn and stay tuned with us.

Meanwhile, if you have any such mind-blowing comparisons, you are always welcome to comment down below. Keep the fun going, folks.

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