My Friend Anna: The Book Behind Netflix’s Inventing Anna- Everything You Need To Know

My Friend Anna: The Book Behind Netflix’s Inventing Anna- Everything You Need To Know

If you want to be a scammer, be like Anna Sorokin! Sometimes we do not see people as tricksters, they are so much convincing in their lies. Sometimes we don’t want to see them as evil, and we close our eyes to their deception. Anna Delvey aka the fake German Heiress is one such mastermind. And Netflix’s fictional show, Inventing Anna, has recently brought her cons to our screens in a different light.

But ever since news headlines flooded with her cons, we have got one or another resource telling us the gritty, glittery story of this scammer. And one such undeniable, unputdownable source is the book by Rachel DeLoache Williams, My friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake HeiressAnd if you want to know all about this book, you have just come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the book behind Netflix’s show, Inventing Anna. 

What’s in My Friend Anna, the book by Rachel Williams?

Rachel DeLoache Williams, played by Katie Lowes, is one of the many victims of Anna Delvey’s cons. She is the former photo editor of Vanity Fair and has also written an exclusive article for the same, documenting her encounter with Anna Sorokin. Further, she published a detailed report about Delvey’s smart scams through her book, My Friend Anna in 2019.

The book brings to light the true story of this fake German Heiress. From real text messages between Williams and Sorokin to the expensive trip to Morrocco; it draws a picture of Anna in the best way possible. Anna Delvey, as seen in the show, would first take Williams to expensive dinner parties and sauna sessions. She would also offer her personal exercise sessions from celebrity trainers. Everything was going smooth and fine until the ill-fated vacation.

After enough fooling around sessions, Delvey played the ace. She offered her an all-expenses-paid trip to Marrakech at the five-star hotel, La Mamounia. Rachel jumped at the chance, only to know later it was Anna who jumped on her money. After spending a significant amount of time at the hotel, Delvey’s credit card mysteriously stopped working! She pretended to make multiple calls and finally asked Williams for help.

From flight tickets to meals, shopping and at last their $7,500 per night stay at their glamorous villa, Delvey made her pay it all. And although she promised to pay it all back, the money never came. Instead, she was robbed of money worth more than her year’s income, i.e., $62,000. And in a stunning turn of events, she found herself helping to bring down this notorious con artist.

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The book was published in 2019 and immediately became New York’s bestseller. Hence, if you want to have an exciting read this summer, we one-hundred percent recommend this book to you.

How closely does Inventing Anna follow the book?

Although the book closely tells behind-the-scenes-scams of Anna Delvey in a detailed manner, the show, Inventing Annais NOT entirely based on Rachel’s POV. The show surely is a harrowing account of how it feels like to be conned, but it’s pretty much based on Jessica Pressler’s article for The Cut. Further, Williams’ character in the show isn’t exactly how she defines it to be in the book. She isn’t shown sympathetic at all. Instead, Williams is a helpless victim who ironically turns out to be ‘Anna’s greatest creation,’ per Netflix’s description.

Ever since the show’s release, Rachel has not been extremely happy with the show or her portrayal in it and has revealed her disappointment now and then. In the articles listed below, you can have a thorough look at how she felt her character to be inaccurate:

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After reading all of these interesting ‘allegations’ and streaming the show, do let us know in the comment section whether you agree or disagree with William’s thoughts.

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