Movies and TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Inventing Anna

Movies and TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna won the heart of fans worldwide when it started streaming on February 13th. As soon as the fans completed, fans wanted more escapades of Anna. However, that will not be possible as Inventing Anna is a limited series, and there is no future for season two. But don’t worry, we got your back with shows and movies like Inventing Anna.

Shows and movies like Inventing Anna

Here is a list of curated shows and movies whose themes and vibe will remind you of Inventing Anna.

Dirty John

Th show first premiered on Netflix in 2019 and was an instant success for getting into the psychology of the Con man. It is based on a podcast of the same name about a real-life con man John Meehan (played by Eric Bana).

John posed to be an anesthesiologist to sway women away. The show is similar to Inventing Anna in the sense that they both focus on the con artist to find out why they did what they did. Coincidentally Julia Garner also stars in the show as the daughter of one of the victims.

Pam & Tommy

If in Inventing Anna, what appealed to you the most was its right off the headlines aspect, you should check out Pam & Tommy, a limited series on Hulu. Sebastian Stan and Lilly James star as the couple.

The show explores the story of theft and release of Pam and Tommy’s sex tape. At the same time, Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman play the men responsible for stealing the video.

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Blood & Water

One of the crucial aspects of Inventing Anna is its theme of ambition for power and its abuse. Another show deals with a similar theme is Blood & Water on Netflix. The show is about Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata), whose sister gets abducted for human trafficking at a very young age.

In college, Puleng meets an athlete and is fixated on the fact that that athlete is her long-lost sister. In the series, she tries to prove that she is her sister. Along the way, she unravels the dark secrets of the wealthy and powerful.

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

While Inventing Anna is popular for telling an untold story, The People v. O.J. Simpson puts a very well-known incident in a new and never seen before perspective. It shows how media coverage can completely change the course of a trial.

It highlights how misogyny was responsible for the public’s perception of prosecuting attorney Marcia Clark. The show is streaming on Netflix with a stellar star cast of Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sterling K. Brown, John Travolta, and David Schwimmer.

Emily in Paris

The eye candy in Inventing Anna has to be all the glamour, fashion, and riches. So if you don’t care much for all the conning and lying, you should head over to Netflix and watch Emily In Paris.

Emily In Paris will satisfy all your lavish, over-the-top lifestyle cravings. The show is about Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), a young woman offered a job at a marketing agency in Paris.

So what do you think will you guys give these shows a try or not? If you feel these shows arent good enough you can always re-watch Inventing Anna.

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