Joseph Quinn Contributed Rings and Reeboks to Eddie Munson’s Look in ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Joseph Quinn Contributed Rings and Reeboks to Eddie Munson’s Look in ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Stranger Things 4 was the biggest season of the show yet. Everything was oozing with grandeur during the whole season, right from promotional material to the release. With the long episode runtime and a huge budget, everything pointed in one direction: Season 4 will be bigger and better than previous ones. And a huge part of making the newest season appear different was the new additions to the cast. We had a lot of new faces this season, but the most lovable was Eddie Munson by Joseph Quinn.

Not only was Eddie a very well-written character. But Joseph portrayed him with utmost excellence and dedication. While talking about the rock-loving character, Joseph informed how the now iconic look of Eddie came from the 29-year-old actor.

Let us see what additions did Quinn make to the misunderstood Eddie Munson.

Joseph Quinn contributed a lot to Eddie’s look

Eddie was one of the most misunderstood characters when the record-breaking season four first premiered. However, as the story went forward, he quickly became the most lovable and supported one.

Apart from his amazing hairstyle, which can give Steve a run for his money, Eddie has the coolest wardrobe than any other character in the show. And naturally, Joseph Quinn was asked whether he had any suggestions for the costume department.

The Game of Thrones alumni replied that he indeed worked closely with the costume designer in creating the best look for Eddie. In fact, the numerous rings that Eddie can be seen wearing all the time were the idea of Joseph, including the white Reeboks.

“It was very collaborative with [costume designer] Amy [Parris] and [department head hair] Sarah [Hindsgaul]. We had about three weeks of trying different looks. I wanted to have lots of rings. I kept the Reeboks,” the actor shared.

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Joseph then said that he feels very blessed to be given the opportunity to have a say in his character’s look. It was indeed a great suggestion by the actor, as Eddies’ clothes and accessories go hand in hand with his personality.

Did you guys love the jewelry Eddie wears in Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments.

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