Is the Law of Surprise From ‘The Witcher’ Ethically Justified And Does It Ensure The Safety of The Child Surprise?

Is the Law of Surprise From ‘The Witcher’ Ethically Justified And Does It Ensure The Safety of The Child Surprise?

Ciri, the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, born with mystical powers, was prophesied to end The Witcher world and portend a new age. Ciri always wanted to prove her abilities as a warrior, but her magic didn’t allow her. Furthermore, she is Geralt’s child surprise and hence is destined to be bound with him. He keeps her at a safe distance from the evil world. Being in his shadow always has also restricted her from using her abilities. Over time, fans have questioned if the Law of Surprise really ensures Ciri’s safety. Or does it restrict her from being her entire self? Let’s be a part of this discussion and see how things unfolds.

Is the concept of the law of surprise in The Witcher justified?

Recently, Redditors gushed over this question and showed their concern over Ciri having limited agency in her own life. Apparently, Geralt claimed Ciri as his Child Surprise in return for saving her father’s (Duny) life. Ever since, the entire universe has brought them back together every time they parted from each other. And Geralt, while being a protective guardian, has not allowed Ciri to practice her magic entirely.

Furthermore, were it not for that elf boy, who saved Ciri’s life in the earlier seasons, she might have held captive by the Nilfgardians a long ago. So was she really safe? And how badly has it affected the birth giver from whom he took her away?

How is receiving a child through Law of Surprise any different from slavery? from netflixwitcher

There were many counter explanations to this observation in the comment section. But the ones that make utmost sense is how destiny plays its role in the superficial The Witcher world. Moreover, fans believe in The Witcher universe, where destiny works as some sort of mystical force that has its own will. So if destiny wanted Ciri to end up with Geralt, she would end up with Geralt. The Law of Surprise is a narrative-driving tool whose purpose was to make them end up together, as its application in the real world seems awfully hard to apply all the time. Imagine claiming the law of surprise on a vacuum the person didn’t know they had at home.

Other explanations included:

The conclusion

Sure destiny plays an important role in fantasy dramas such as The WitcherThor, and even Stranger Things. If we take the example of Thor: if his new daughter, Love, were not bound with him, the universe would probably end up in chaos.

Even in Stranger Things, if Dr. Brenner didn’t take good care of El, taking her away from her mother, there would be no one to protect Hawkins from the curse of 001. Hence, let’s not try to imply it in the real world unless we really have to and enjoy these legends as supernatural stories only.

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