Fans Have One Major Reason to Watch ‘Clark’ on Netflix About Clark Olofsson

Fans Have One Major Reason to Watch ‘Clark’ on Netflix About Clark Olofsson

Real-life crime adaptations are not half as fun if they are not shown from the perspective of the criminal. Take, for example, Inventing Anna or Catch Me If You Can. People can’t help but love a true-crime drama with a charming notorious lead. And can you really resist Bill Skarsgard playing the notorious criminal in Clark on Netflix? We think not. 

The actor is famous for portraying the terrifying Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT. Clark marks Bill’s second collaboration with the streamer. He also appeared in Netflix’s Devil All The Time.

Fans’ reaction to Clark on Netflix

Fans on Twitter are going wild about Bill Skarsgard‘s latest turn as the “celebrity gangster“. The actor has surely brought his A-game to the six-episode series. And people can’t help but suffer through the Clark Olofsson syndrome. Take a look at the all the simping.


 The plot; no, not Bill Skarsgard, but Clark’s plot

The crime drama is based on the real-life story of the notorious criminal Clark Olofsson. Director Jonas Akerlund took inspiration from the gangster’s autobiography for this series. We follow Olofsson’s exploits throughout the show. He was sent to prison many times, but every time he managed to escape. The reporters dubbed him the “celebrity gangster”. Despite his criminal background, he could charm his way into anyone’s heart.

Moreover, he is the man that popularized the term Stockholm Syndrome. He was part of the infamous Norrmalmstorg robbery. The events took such an unusual turn that even the Prime Minister of Sweden stepped in. The captives of the bank robbery defended their captors and resisted the police. Many believed that Olofsson charmed and manipulated the captives, making it the first case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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The Swedish crime drama reviews

Decider says, “STREAM IT. While Clark on Netflix may dabble a bit too much in making Clark Olofsson into a hero, it’s still an entertaining look at how Olofsson saw his life, whether the stories are true or not.”

Meanwhile, Ready Steady Cut praised the series and Bill’s performance. It wrote,”Bill Skarsgård stars as Clark Olofsson, swindling a lad-type figure, ready to make the world a circus. Clark is rich in production and tone, bringing a story that wants to get to the root of the criminal.”

Have you streamed Clark on Netflix yet? What do you think of Skarsgard’s performance?

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