‘Stranger Things’: Kamchatka (Graphic Novel) Reveals Secrets of the Russian Base’s History – What Could It Mean for Season 4?

‘Stranger Things’: Kamchatka (Graphic Novel) Reveals Secrets of the Russian Base’s History – What Could It Mean for Season 4?

The Russians’ arrival in America and involvement with the Upside Down rift is one of the most interesting components of Stranger Things season 3. It focused on the Cold War competition and why Dr. Brenner was exploiting the CIA’s MKUltra plan to build human weapons and perhaps locate dark realm riches. Surprisingly, just when it appeared that the Russians had been beaten at the Starcourt Mall in the 1980s, the series hinted at a prisoner in Russia. Stranger Things season 4 images and trailer has proven it is Chief Hopper. He’ll be fighting Demogorgons in the arena, confirming that the Russians are working on something evil.

The mystery of the base’s history is now out in the open, courtesy of the first two issues of Stranger Things: Kamchatka.

New revelations for Stranger Things season 4

Boris Orlov, a scientist kidnapped by the Kremlin, is the center of this tie-in comic. They wanted to learn more about a technology he developed that might harvest telekinetic energy. Boris was astonished to see what his government was really doing with the lab when they took him to the nation’s Far East peninsula.

Boris’s work on the Multiverse was being used by the program, which was overseen by a lady, Karine. He once proposed that harnessing telekinetic energy would be the secret to hopping to endless realms.

Of course, he thought his work on all of these dimensions was theoretical. But it became evident when he met another doctor there, Lem, that rifts were real.

This revealed how the Russians created their own Demogorgon, utilizing a modified version of Orlov’s previous helmet-like contraption to try to trigger the being’s telekinesis. Karine desired to create her own portal to the Multiverse.

This makes her the feminine counterpart of Brenner, who wields power over things she doesn’t comprehend. They’ve been tinkering with this for a long, according to Lem, but they couldn’t perfect the technology.

It’s why they’ve turned to Boris, the expert in quantum physics, for assistance. 

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Boris is well aware that his life is in danger because if he does not assist, Karine will feed him to the beast. Karine is also after his children, Anna and Leonid, and if her forces succeed in capturing them and the rest of Boris’ work. She also risks unlocking a huge space-time Pandora’s Box she will soon regret.

What are your thoughts about the theory?

Stream the new season Stranger Things only on Netflix. You can read the four-issue comic’s first part and second part on Kindle and comiXology.

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