Does Nicole Die in Rising Dion Season 2 or Is There Still Hope Left?

Does Nicole Die in Rising Dion Season 2 or Is There Still Hope Left?

Raising Dion is an entertaining superhero series on Netflix. It has quite a fascinating premise, as it conveys the story of a single mom and her struggles of raising her child who possesses superhuman abilities. Significantly, she tries everything in her power to keep her kid safe after the death of her husband, Mark. However, dark forces are afoot in search of Dion to use his powers for their evil plans. The new season of the popular show is now streaming on Netflix, in which we see Nicole facing an inevitable danger in order to save her son. So, one thing fans are inquisitive about is, does Nicole die in Raising Dion season 2?

What danger does Nicole face in season 2?

One of the most appealing factors in Raising Dion is Nicole, played by Alisha Wainwright. We easily form a strong connection with the character, as she portrays a genuine mother’s anxieties and worries surrounding the safety of her child. Even with all the responsibilities on her shoulders, she looks after her son and does what is best for him.

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In season 2, Nicole manages her career and personal life while caring for Dion. After the incident with Pat in his crooked man form, she keeps a close eye on Dion in order to protect him. Meanwhile, Suzanne discovers an anomaly underground.

The sinkholes opened by the crooked energy are flowing with more energy after Pat comes in contact with them. Suzanne asks Nicole for her help in investigating these sinkholes. However, Nicole refuses initially, but eventually agrees as she thinks this might be the way to end a potential threat for Dion. During her time in the sinkhole, she gets attacked by a monster and gets infected. The attack causes her to slowly mutate into a monster.

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Does Nicole die in Raising Dion season 2?

Nicole’s wound caused due to the monster has infected her body and proves to be fatal. If not under constant supervision, she might mutate into one of the monsters. Even though Nicole was reluctant to let Pat help her, Pat insists and changes her mind. Furthermore, Pat works hard to find an antidote for her. During his research, he comes across a breakthrough. He discovers that instead of two strands of DNA, powerful individuals have three. If only he could extract the third strand from powerful DNA samples, he could make an antidote. However, a perfect solution pops up for his dilemma.

Janelle’s powers, though explosive, can also break things down to its minute form. This helps Pat to separate the DNA. But the antidote turns out to be ineffective and fails to cure Nicole. Well, who is more capable of saving Nicole than her own son? Dion uses the antidote vial to defeat the crooked energy and thus saving every person infected by the monster. Nicole is well and alive as she put her faith in Dion’s abilities.

Raising Dion season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.


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