Who Is Chloe Hayden? How She Landed a Role in Netflix Reboot Series ‘Heartbreak High’?

Who Is Chloe Hayden? How She Landed a Role in Netflix Reboot Series ‘Heartbreak High’?

An iconic series reimagined for our generation is all the hype after Netflix announced the reboot of Heartbreak High in November 2021. The 90s Australian series was a heartthrob back in its day. The highly popular teen drama aired in 1994 and continued for nine years. Furthermore, it amassed over 200 episodes that promoted coming-of-age content back in the 90s, with a fascinating story of the students of Hartley High.

The production of Heartbreak High started in November last year and is set for a global release in 2022. However, a piece of much more exciting news is the cast of the show. Significantly, the cast involves the indigenous rising talents of Australia. However, our primary focus would be the highly cheerful and creative Chloe Hayden on the Netflix series. The 24-year-old autistic actor is one of the main leads of the show and portrays an autistic character as well. Let’s take a look at the brave woman and her take on the role.

Chloe Hayden in the new Netflix series, Heartbreak High

Coming to the topic of Chloe, the autistic actor is one of the lead roles in Heartbreak High. Chiefly, promoting autistic people for autistic roles is one of the key beliefs of Chloe since the past. She is quite famous for her TikTok and YouTube videos conveying social messages to increase autism acceptance and self-love.

Her announcement to the fans was quite a delight: “I’m so excited to announce that I am apart of the Netflix original Heartbreak High Cast, playing Quinni- a bubbly, logistical, outrageous, raw, AUTISTIC character. One of the first times in history we’ve seen an autistic person played by an autistic person, and the first autistic Australian actor to co-lead a series point blank period.”

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Her new role instilled a sense of confidence in her and the beliefs she devotes herself to. She is passionate about her acting career and sharing her successes with her fans. Furthermore, she has formed a strong base for other autistic actors to try their luck in the entertainment industry.

Significance of the show

The original Heartbreak High released in 1994 proved to be a tremendous hit. The new rebooted series will revolve around the lives of new teenagers of Hartley High in Sydney. Significantly, the story navigates through the life of Amerie, who finds herself in the role of a pariah after a mysterious discovery. Furthermore, we witness her desperate plea to repair her reputation while she juggles the other aspects of being a teen in a high school.

The creators of the show on the iconic series talks about the show in detail. They said, “Heartbreak High allowed a generation of Aussie teens, us included, to see themselves represented on TV for the first time, it was brash, fun, uniquely Australian and an international hit. Through our great partnership with Netflix and our amazing cast and crew we can’t wait to take Australia to the world once again.

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Heartbreak High will certainly prove to be a must watch with an entertaining story and amazing cast. What are your thoughts on the new series?

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