A Career Ender! Henry Cavill Once Faced an Injury While Filming ‘The Witcher’ That Could Have Ended His Career

A Career Ender! Henry Cavill Once Faced an Injury While Filming ‘The Witcher’ That Could Have Ended His Career

Since the beginning of his career, Henry Cavill has been thriving from one project to another. He gained a lot of love and fame from playing Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix Original show, The Witcher. Although the actor has not only been a part of The Witcher, he has been a part of fans’ hearts as well. Therefore, when he announced his departure from the series, fans could not handle the news. Well, the British actor has also been a part of action films that required more physical activity. However, once, while filming on the sets of The Witcher, the actor got an injury that could have ended his career.

Filming a fighting scene requires a lot of strength. Despite using the hand for the fight most of the time, the legs also get stretched. While filming for the Netflix Original show, the 39-year-old actor got an injury in his leg. Because of the hamstring tear, it became literally impossible for him to walk. It became extremely worse, and his physiotherapists strictly instructed him not to stretch himself to a great extent.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Credit: Imago

Cavill is known for giving his everything to the work he has taken on his hand. Therefore, while being patient with the injury, the actor continued shooting. It was a third-grade tear which was extremely critical, reported The Talks. However, the Enola Holmes actor used to get up early to go for physiotherapy at around 4 o’clock in the morning. For an hour or two, along with the workout, Cavill worked on his injury to repair it slowly but steadily.

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Henry Cavill took it calm and easy

Had he worried too much about the injury, it would have been hard for him to recover. Therefore, The Tudors actor took it easy and did not rush to get it recovered. There were days when he could not shoot easily, while on other days he could shoot for more than 4 hours. Sometimes, he would even stretch it up to 6 hours as well.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Credits: Imago

Because of his patience and calm attitude toward the injury, he recovered completely, giving us some amazing moments as Geralt. However, after the third season of The Witcher, his fans would not see him as Geralt of Rivia. Nevertheless, he has many exciting projects lined up for him.

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