YOU’RE DEAD TO ME! Jimmy Fallon Uses Netflix’s Own Shows to Conjure Up a Powerful Message for the Streaming Giant Amidst Password-Sharing Backlash

YOU’RE DEAD TO ME! Jimmy Fallon Uses Netflix’s Own Shows to Conjure Up a Powerful Message for the Streaming Giant Amidst Password-Sharing Backlash

Fans are already upset with the Streaming giant for canceling their favorite shows. Netflix just gave them another reason to be outrageous. Password sharing policy has been a long talk now by the American streaming giant. And finally, when it announced the policy, fans are not happy about it. Jimmy Fallon addressed the news on his TV talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The host gave a powerful message to Netflix using Netflix’s popular shows.

Netflix has finally launched the guidelines for sharing the account password. According to the policy, you can not share your account’s password with people other than those living in your household. Those who are away from you and are still using your password will have to buy their own subscription. While the OTT platform was working it out, many celebrities also opened up about sharing their password with their loved ones. But the streaming giant has finally put a stop to it. Amidst many wild responses, the host of The Tonight Show also has something powerful to say about it.

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Jimmy Fallon speaks for all the people using Netflix shows

While many people know Fallon as the funny guy, he proved to be the brilliant man amidst the Netflix password-sharing backlash. Recently, on his show, the host addressed the new policy with his wits and spoke for all the Netflix users. Let us see what a powerful message he has to give to the streaming giant.

Addressing the business news, he announced Netflix was going to start cracking down the password-sharing. And now the host’s creativity was at its best when he said, Never Have I Ever been this outraged.” He was Blown Away as he couldn’t share the account with a Stranger and Things were out of control.

He asked, “Netflix, what Maid (made) You (Netflix) do this?” The host admitted he couldn’t think of a Dahmer (dumber) idea. This really took The Crown. Well, now the host will have to Lupin (loop-in) on every Watcher on his account, including his friend Emily in Paris. Jimmy Fallon has to say to her, “I Think You Should Leave?” Well, it sure was a series of Unfortunate Events, as Fallon said. However, it wasn’t about the money for him. He could easily afford to pay extra. But he was already paying extra for Cocomelon, eggs, and whatnot.

He also pointed out the uncertainty of when it would be implemented. It could be immediate or it could be next Wednesday. There is a possibility of the policy being effective tonight at Midnight while Mass panic is setting in. However, the host of The Tonight Show warned Netflix by saying, “This is the Last Chance U have for I build a Bridger-tunnel (Bridgerton) to your headquarters and tell you in person, ‘You’re Dead to Me’.”

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While making everyone laugh, the host used some of the most popular shows on Netflix and sent out a threatening message in the funniest way possible. Have you read the new policy? Tell us what you think about it while reading it here.

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