The Office’ Star Says, “I’m rich”, Yet Admits to Netflix Password Sharing for “Thrill”

The Office’ Star Says, “I’m rich”, Yet Admits to Netflix Password Sharing for “Thrill”

Netflix is one of the largest platforms that provides a platform for expressing creativity and showcasing the voice of an artist. It is one of the most preferred modes of entertainment. Recently, Netflix is a hot discussion about its changes in terms and conditions. Netflix is talking about the restrictions on password sharing.

Not only us, but many celebrities are also sharing passwords with their family members or friends. For example, the Culture Secretary of the UK, Nadine Dorries, admitted she shared her Netflix password with her family members.

The Office star also shares some views in the discussion of Netflix’s password-sharing policy.

Recently, Bela Bajaria, Head of Global TV at Netflix, talked about the company’s password crackdown, and The Office star, Mindy Kaling joined her. In an interview with Times, Bela explains the reason for this tremendous change in the policy. Eliana, the interviewer, asks about the recent changes going on in Netflix. She casually asks the audience if they shared their Netflix password with their friends or family.

Along with the audience, Mindy also raises her hand. Jokingly, Bela says that she’s going to be Bela’s first phone call right after the interview. Eliana asks for the reason for the change, and Bela explains it. She explains many people love the content they can access on the platform. And because they love it so much, they share it with others. So, they have a vast audience on their platform. But the thing is, the creators, artists, and the entire team need to be paid. Therefore, Netflix wants people to have access to the content that they love so much and they have different plans for them as well. Last, she humorously says, “I think, ultimately, people know they’re not supposed to share.”

“I’m rich but…” Mindy says…

Right after, Bela explained the reason for the change in the policy; Mindy says, “I think there is the thrill of freeloading.” But she also adds that she understands that the artists and creators and the teams are there and they need to be paid.



“I’m sad about it, but I get it,” she amusingly adds. She says she doesn’t have a problem with the change, because she also agrees that we need to pay for the services that we’re getting from them.

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This was just Mindy and Nadine Dorries sharing their truths and views. What is your take on it? Do you think the crackdown will affect the subscriptions? Is password sharing really the problem?

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