“Yeah! Damn right!”- Canadian YouTuber John Campea Squeals With Excitement Over the Henry Cavill Cameo in ‘Black Adam’

“Yeah! Damn right!”- Canadian YouTuber John Campea Squeals With Excitement Over the Henry Cavill Cameo in ‘Black Adam’

After months of anticipation, speculation, and wavering emotions, DC’s newest project, Black Adam is all set for its worldwide release on October 21. However, a few days ago, on October 3, there was a premiere for the same in Mexico City. [SPOILER ALERT!] This led to a complete fan frenzy and the audience members couldn’t help but share their excitement on social media; even if that meant giving spoilers. The biggest news, obviously, was the Henry Cavill appearance in the post-credit scene.

It is no wonder that #Henrycavillsuperman was trending on Twitter as soon as the news broke. As a fanboy of Cavill as the Man of Steel, Canadian YouTuber John Campea just couldn’t keep his elation in check. Let us find out what he has to say regarding the cameo.

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John Campea goes gaga over Henry Cavill cameo in Black Adam

On October 6, John Campea uploaded a 20-minute video illustrating his thoughts about the alleged Superman appearance in Black Adam. Since the DC flick hasn’t officially premiered yet, Campea was very careful about still regarding the supposed Henry Cavill cameo as rumors. This is probably because none of the major publishing houses has done a report on the same.

After John delivers a straight-faced disclaimer about the speculations, he takes on the hypothetical and believes the rumors to be true “just for the sake of the discussion.” He illustrates how the creators of the film and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have hinted more than once about the Enola Homes actor’s involvement in the film. Campea even references the last trailer of Black Adam which is a major tease for the ‘Son of Krypton’ to show up. He even mimics the line when the titular character declares,

No one on this planet can stop me.

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No sooner do these words leave his mouth, he assumes the cameo to be real. That is when his glee knows no bounds. He cries, a cathartic scream filled with joy.

Yeah, Damn right.” He further added, ” I don’t care if Henry Cavill is in five seconds of this movie. I don’t care if he’s in 55 minutes of it. Because what it means is that Warner Bros. wants Henry Cavill as Superman. “

He recalled something Henry himself admitted 2 years ago. The Witcher star had mentioned that he still had the Man of Steelcape in the closet” and was just waiting for the phone to ring. According to John, even a blink-and-miss rolemeans that Henry Cavill is still our Superman.

The YouTuber channeled all of our inner superfans and we just can’t wait to see Black Adam. Are you as pumped about Superman allegedly showing up in the film as we are? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, for some more Cavill goodness, you can check out The Witcher streaming on Netflix.

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