Henry Cavill and Superman Trend on Twitter as Fans Pour Out Their Feelings for Their ‘Man of Steel’

Henry Cavill and Superman Trend on Twitter as Fans Pour Out Their Feelings for Their ‘Man of Steel’

As kids, whenever we flipped through our favorite comic books, it was always our imaginations running wild, trying to recreate a perfect image to match our beloved characters. As we grew up and saw live-action adaptations of those stories, our reactions to them depended on how closely the actors mimicked our imaginations. No wonder the casting of any upcoming film or TV show based on comics sparks a lot of debate. While a few casting choices have disappointed fans, this generation’s Superman creators hit the nail bang on the head by recruiting Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Cavill is the literal embodiment of the son of Krypton and has played the part to a fault. Hence, the rumors of him retiring from this iconic role had fans grieving all over the internet. Nevertheless, certain recent developments have sent the fans into a euphoric frenzy as they take to Twitter and express their excitement. This has resulted in Henry Cavill and Superman being the top trending topics on the social media platform. Let us find out what sparked this phenomenon.

Spoiler Alert: This post may contain spoilers for Black Adam

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Why have Henry Cavill and Superman taken Twitter by storm?

As we all know, DC’s newest project, Black Adam starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is all set for a worldwide release on October 21. However, the film had its red carpet premiere on October 3 in Mexico City. While there were already speculations around Cavill appearing in the film as the Man of Steel, film enthusiasts who showed up at the premiere confirmed the rumors.

After the first word out, it was only a matter of time before the internet was filled with delighted fans pouring their heart out on Twitter.

While many just report the joyful news, the others reminisce about their most cherished scenes with Superman. But a common sentiment among the audience is how much they missed seeing Henry donning the blue and red suit.

Another point of discussion is the score used for Superman’s entry in Black Adam. Instead of the hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable Hans Zimmer theme, the creators of this film took a different direction. They featured the John Williams score from the 1978 Superman. Granted, this hasn’t gone down well with the audience in general, but people are just elated to have The Witcher star back in his Superman avatar.

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What do you think of Cavill reprising his most iconic role? Let us know in the comments. Until Black Adam has its official release in the US, you can always watch The Witcher streaming on Netflix for some Cavill goodness.

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