With Henry Cavill on the Brink of Joining MCU, There’s One Actor That Can Fill the SuperMan Shoes

With Henry Cavill on the Brink of Joining MCU, There’s One Actor That Can Fill the SuperMan Shoes

In the history of Hollywood, there have been a handful of roles that carved a niche out for themselves. The audience is in awe of some characters years after the film or series was released. Amongst such few roles is Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, AKA Superman, in the 2013 film Man of Steel. Cavill portrayed the role of Superman in a flawless manner. Even after almost a decade, people still talk about his performance. Amidst all the rumors surrounding Cavill’s return to the DC extended universe, fans have been eager to see their favorite superhero back on-screen. With no confirmation of the Enola Holmes star’s comeback, there is one actor who can step into Cavill’s shoes and fill the vacancy of Superman in the DC extended universe.

Which actor can play the role of Superman except for Henry Cavill?

Henry Cavill’s return to DCEU in his Kryptonian suit has always been a hot topic. Fans are eager to see their favorite actor make his much-awaited comeback. Although there is no confirmation, there is one actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that might be a worthy candidate to play Superman. Known for his role as Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in the film, Captain America: The First Avenger, Sebastian Stan is worthy of being the next Superman.


Time and again, the Romanian actor proved his versatility with various projects. Furthermore, the two actors have a similar physical build, and Stan is almost the same height as the Mission Impossible: Fallout star. Stan is a known figure, and considering his previous roles, it would be interesting to seem him portray one of the greatest superheroes on-screen.

Previously, rumors of Henry Cavill starring in a MCU movie were making a buzz. Moreover, there also are a bunch of roles from MCU that the Witcher star is a perfect fit for. As of now there is no confirmation. However, it would sure be exciting to see Cavill star as another superhero in such a popular franchise.

Movies and Shows featuring Sebastian Stan

Apart from his role as Bucky Barnes in several MCU movies, Stan has also featured in several famous series and films. Some popular projects featuring the actor include the drama series Gossip Girl and Once Upon A Time. Notably, Stan was also a part of the adventure film The Martian and The 355.

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