Wrexham AFC Owner Rob McElhenney Leaves Ryan Reynolds ”Gutted” as He Vouches to Spend the Rest of His Life With Him

Wrexham AFC Owner Rob McElhenney Leaves Ryan Reynolds ”Gutted” as He Vouches to Spend the Rest of His Life With Him

The bonds that develop unexpectedly are always so special. You would never know when and how you got attached to that person. And next thing you know, you’re emotionally connected to that person. Something similar happened with the owners of the Wrexham Association Football Club, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who, at the American Cinematheque Awards ceremony, expressed his feelings for the Deadpool actor.

In 2021, Reynolds slid into the DMs of Rob McElhenney, asking him to buy Wrexham AFC with him. That’s how they connected with each other for business purposes. But now, they have become a family. At the 36th American Cinematheque Award ceremony, Ryan Reynolds received an honor. His partner and co-owner of Wrexham AFC, Rob McElhenney, honored the actor by giving him a soulful speech.

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It takes a man like Rob McElhenney to make Ryan Reynolds cry

The American Cinematheque Award honors an extraordinary artist in the entertainment industry who is fully engaged in his or her work and is committed to contributing significantly to the art of motion pictures. As McElhenney said in his speech, the American-Canadian actor is fully committed to his work and they cast a significant impact on the Welsh community. While listening to Rob McElhenney expressing his feelings for his partner cum brother, Reynolds, with teary eyes, kept on smiling. He said it made him feel “gutted.”

In his speech, the Mythic Quest star said the principal quality that he loves the most about his partner is his kindness. The Red Notice actor approaches every project and person with the utmost kindness, which makes him a great human being. He also added what you see in Welcome to Wrexham Ryan Reynolds as is exactly what they get. Because, he said, “There is no other Ryan.”

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Ryan Reynolds once told Rob that his daughters were convinced that Rob and Ryan are brothers. Well, biologically it is definitely not true, but, said Rob, emotionally it is true. While speaking, he himself got a little emotional, which is evidence of his deep connection with the Green Lantern actor. Well, of course, the speech would make Reynolds overwhelmed.

Did it touch your heart, too? Have you watched Welcome to Wrexham? If not, you can watch it here.

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