With So Many Controversies, Kanye West Is Now Getting Copyright Lawsuit Over His Song ‘Life of the Party’

With So Many Controversies, Kanye West Is Now Getting Copyright Lawsuit Over His Song ‘Life of the Party’

Troubles are mounting for Kanye West. This time, not for his statements, but his music. The creative genius is well-liked for his creative side, despite facing opposition for his unusual opinions. He has been releasing albums quite actively in recent times. But the albums do not come without lawsuits over the unapproved usage of songs.

Copyright infringement or unlawful usage of sources is quite a common occurrence in the entertainment industry. Artists have a team of lawyers ready anytime. This one is about a Boogie Down Productions song suing over Ye’s 2021 song that was picked using an 80s hit. The details of the case are now out.

Details of the Kanye West song that led to a case

Kanye West released his Life of Party in 2021. But Phase One Network has sued him for using the song bits of their song South Bronx without clearance. The song they own was from Boogie Down Productions, a rap group. What makes Phase One confident about the usage of the song, is the fact that one of Ye’s team members reached out to them for attaining permission for the song.

In the end, no contract took place but that did not stop Kanye West from using the song and releasing it. “The infringing track was nevertheless reproduced, sold, distributed, publicly performed, and exploited”, said the plaintiff’s lawyer.

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This is not the first incidence for the hip-hop artist. Previously he was sued by a Texas pastor named David P. Moten for using bits of his recorded sermon and using in the song Come to Life. This was followed by a case in June regarding the unlawful usage of the hit song Move Your Body. The list of such similar incidents is quite long.

Ye is known for his staunch actions regardless of the consequences. While that helped him build an empire, it has not come without a cost. Be it through lawsuits or bans. As per a source, the representatives that were contacted said they no longer work for him.

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