“I miss the old Kanye…,” Says Comedian Chris Redd Who Upset Kanye West for Impersonating Him on SNL

“I miss the old Kanye…,” Says Comedian Chris Redd Who Upset Kanye West for Impersonating Him on SNL

Chris Redd missed the old Kanye West. The comedian became a part of one of the longest-running series SNL for a while. Best known for impersonating West, when Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump. The singer and entertainer have been a support for each other, especially since the 2016 presidential campaign. They also widely became meme content for many.

The comedian was well-liked for his role, but he has now quit it to advance his career and have his single performance on an HBO special. While he enjoyed playing the part, he had a lot to say about West and the rapper’s reaction to his impressions. In an interview, Redd reveals it all.

Chris Redd, Kanye West, and their opinions on each other

Chris Redd was a fan of Kanye West, the same can’t be said vice versa. Redd made the audience chuckle as he perfectly portrayed West in the hit skit show SNL. During an interview, he talked about Ye appearing on the show for a musical special and how he went on a random rant about his political views. “I’ve been a fan of Kanye my whole life. And I miss the old Kanye,”, said Redd. While he is a fan, he does not support Ye’s views, and the surprise rant by the musician never made it in the editor’s cut.

The Flashing Lights singer, on the other hand, is not a fan of the comedian’s impressions either. Redd was asked about the same and he said, “Judging by interactions, I don’t think he likes it that much.” But then he also added how he does not agree with a lot of things that Ye says, so that makes them even. Redd would also make impressions of New York Mayor Eric Adams, who happens to be Republican as well. But unlike West, the politician is a fan of the former SNL actor’s impression of him.

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As of now, most celebrities want Kanye West to get minimal attention, so his controversies do not get a lot of attention. Meanwhile, Trump has announced his interest in standing for the 2024 elections, with the rapper still being a supporter. It will probably give more context for SNL with a replacement for Ye’s character.

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