With One Month Is Left for ‘Strangers Things’ 4, Take a Look at the Last Scenes of Previous Season

With One Month Is Left for ‘Strangers Things’ 4, Take a Look at the Last Scenes of Previous Season

Strangers Things 4 is just a month away! Fans have been waiting three long years for the hotly anticipated season to drop. But three years was a long time ago, and the world movies pretty fast. So a quick reminder of all the happenings of season 3 is due. Thankfully, Netflix is helping us by dropping the last images of our favorite characters. And we will help you to know what’s going on.

Get ready for Strangers Things 4

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), our matriarch, moves her boys and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) out of Hawkins by packing up the Byers residence. She’s undoubtedly kicking herself for not accompanying Hopper to Enzo’s when he originally asked.

We’re told to assume Jim Hopper (David Harbour) dies when Joyce twists the keys to stop the machine from opening the Gate, trapping him out on the platform next to it as it explodes. However, in a post-credits sequence set in a Russian jail, an officer refers to an unidentified prisoner known only as “The American.” People, don’t give up hope just yet.

Eleven’s powers have inexplicably vanished (for now), and she’s mourning the death of Hopper, but she tells Mike that she loves him and that she’s leaving Hawkins for a new beginning as the newest member of the Byers family. A new poster for Eleven also has been released just yesterday. The new poster hints at Eleven getting her powers back.

Mike Wheeler, (Finn Wolfhard) for a youngster who has to say farewell to both his girlfriend and closest buddy at the same time, appears to be in relatively good spirits. He assures El that he will pay her a visit over Thanksgiving and that she will pay him a visit during the Christmas season. He did, however, require a long embrace from his mother. So some of those high spirits might have been him putting on a brave front.

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Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan exchange a tearful farewell when he departs Hawkins with his family, but they both acknowledge that they’ve been through worse. Nancy also killed her employer and a coworker. Therefore, her future at the Hawkins Post is uncertain.

All of these characters and more will return on May 27th when Strangers Things 4 starts streaming on Netflix.

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