Finn Wolfhard Compares Stranger Things With Harry Potter Series, and the Reason Will Bounce You Off the Wall for Season 4

Finn Wolfhard Compares Stranger Things With Harry Potter Series, and the Reason Will Bounce You Off the Wall for Season 4

Harry Potter and Stranger Things are two of the most popular young adult series out there. While Harry Potter can easily be described as a modern classic, Stranger Things is on its way to breaking all records on Netflix. Both the series are very different yet very similar in many ways, but this one comparison that Finn Wolfhard has made is by far the most exciting aspect of it. But, before we delve into what he said, here’s some context for Stranger Things season 4:

Stranger Things season 4- “the scariest and darkest” of them all

One recurring theme we see in all young adult fiction is that it gets darker every season. From Harry Potter to Stranger Things and Hunger Games, we see a group of teenagers go through many trials as they begin realizing just how grim their surroundings are. We saw Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley bicker back and forth with Hermione Granger and eventually become friends in The Philosopher’s Stone. By the time the series is about to come to an end, the very same trio’s fight results in Ron leaving them behind during a quest that they all know is fatal.

Stranger Things season 4 isn't coming to Netflix in September 2021

The same goes for Stranger Things in season 4 now. At the beginning of the show, we saw Mike and Eleven find a beautiful bond in the most unlikely of places. But, as we have known since 2019, they are currently miles apart as the thought of the Mind Flayer’s return haunts both their minds.

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What does Finn Wolfhard think about the series and its similarity to Harry Potter?

Finn Wolfhard, who plays the role of Mike Wheeler in the Netflix Original, couldn’t help but muse about the gradual transition. “It gets funnier, it gets scarier, it gets more dramatic. And I think that just comes with all of us growing up and getting older. We’re not all going to be in mop top wigs when we’re 40 years old, screaming about demogorgons and stuff.

He then added just how he thinks the Netflix series is similar to the Harry Potter franchise. “And I think this is a very good example of the Duffers really kind of treating our characters their ages. And I like to compare it to Harry Potter. Harry Potter, as those movies went on, the darker they went. And that’s kind of where we’re at now. It’s a perfect progression, in my opinion.

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The next extremely long-awaited season of Stranger Things, i.e., season 4, will come back from the Upside Down and on the screens of Netflix on May 27, 2022. Stream other seasons on the platform!

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