With Now 55+ Movies Under His Belt, What Was Ryan Reynolds’ First Movie That Gave Us This Talented Foul-Mouthed Superstar?

With Now 55+ Movies Under His Belt, What Was Ryan Reynolds’ First Movie That Gave Us This Talented Foul-Mouthed Superstar?

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most versatile actors in the English film industry. The Canadian-American star has earned a lot of praise from both critics and fans for serving them in different genres of films and shows now and then. After being in the acting business for over 30 years, Ryan Reynolds has tried his hands on everything from teen shows, romantic comedies, horror, and comic book movies to serious dramas and action thrillers. 

The actor with a whopping 55+ movies shot to fame in 2002 by playing the titular character in Van Wilder. The college comedy where Ryan Reynolds played a snarky wise guy helped him earn recognition as an actor. Though it was the first project that got the Vancouver-born in people’s eyes, it wasn’t his debut movie. It might surprise you that Ryan’s first film was released way back in 1993. Scroll down to know the movie with which the talented foul-mouthed superstar made his debut on the big screen.

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Which movie marked Ryan Reynolds’ debut in the film industry?

Ryan Reynolds made his debut on October 21, 1993, with the Canadian movie, Ordinary Magic. It was an adaptation of the famous 1981 novel Ganesh by Malcolm Bosse. The Deadpool actor played the titular role of the 15-year-old Ganesh, who was born and brought up in India. Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and Hinduism highly influenced Ryan’s character.

The story shapes up when Ganesh’s father dies and he is forced to move to Canada with his aunt Charlotte. The film beautifully depicts the hardships faced by an Indian boy while settling abroad. Despite being mocked at school and neighborhood, the protagonist never left his Indian beliefs and customs. 

Ryan Reynolds’ debut as an actor

The young boy made the whole town believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s supremacy by using his Satyagraha principle. When Ganesh and his family were asked to evacuate their ancestral home, he went on a hunger strike and gradually the whole town joined him to help him save his home. 

Ordinary Magic is one of the hidden gems of Ryan’s film career and is definitely a one-time watch. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds made his debut as an actor in the television series Fifteen. Released in 1991, the drama focused on the life of Hillside School students as they balanced their academic and social life. 

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