“A semi-nude, vulnerable, 3-year-old”: When Ryan Reynolds Recalled How a Newspaper Hilariously Made Things “Better” For Him

“A semi-nude, vulnerable, 3-year-old”: When Ryan Reynolds Recalled How a Newspaper Hilariously Made Things “Better” For Him

Don’t we all love a good Instagram throwback picture? Especially if it is of our favorite celebrities! Whether you admit it or not, digging dip into their life history has been one of the best leisure activities one could do. Now if the Free Guy actor, if the Merc with a Mouth (Yes! None other than the very handsome Ryan Reynolds) is someone you pine for, today is your lucky day. We might have found something that will be a feast for your eyes. However, handle your excitement with care; it might get creepier.

Back in 2019, the Canadian actor, now 45, shared a very cute picture of his three-year-old self. However, that is not something we are here to share. The twist here is that his black-and-white snapshot went viral in his hometown via a local newspaper. The actor later made a hilarious comment on it in the Jimmy Fallon’s late night show which will have you rolling on your floor.

Back in 2019, Ryan Reynolds tapped into his past and shared a major PSA

Appearing in the 3 May 2019 episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds talked about how his hometown newspaper took his childhood picture to next level creepy. The newspaper clipping dates to the summer of 1980 and is from Reynold’s hometown paper in Vancouver, Canada. Without a doubt, the picture is attractive, but it also contains a lot of specific information. It starts off with the basics before venturing into TMI terrain. 

The description begins, “This is Ryan Reynolds, 3, and he’s loving the water at Kits Community Center wading pool,” before it gets strange: “Ryan lives at 2382 Oliver Cr,” which Reynold’s Instagram claimed to be his actual address.

The actor then makes a hilarious comment on what could have made them publish his picture. “The local newspaper was like, “okay guys. We have a semi-nude three-year-old vulnerable boy,”” hearing which Fallon couldn’t help but break out a loud laughter. The Adam Project actor then continued, “the only thing that would make this better is- let’s let them know where he lives.” 

Reynolds also has a name for the newspaper- “The Upcoming Tragedy,” an appropriate name indeed. He then assured the audience that he was just fine and his brothers were there to protect him, and we are glad for that. Who else could have given us a foul-mouthed superhero? The creepy caption aside, how cute was baby Ryan?

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