William Zabka Net Worth and How Much Money He Makes From Cobra Kai

William Zabka Net Worth and How Much Money He Makes From Cobra Kai

Passion is important, but people cannot sustain their livelihood if their passion does not pay handsomely. Creative fields like writing, acting, singing are only lucrative if you are at the top of the food chain. Thus, only a few actors like William Zabka can cement their position at the top with high net worth.

Naturally, anyone will be curious about how much has the Cobra Kai actor earned? We have checked William Zabka’s books, and the numbers are astounding. So brace yourself as we tell you the net worth of William Zabka.

William Zabka’s total net worth

Before William became a household name through Johnny Lawrence, the actor had worked in The Greatest American Hero. Thus, the actor had acted in his late teens, and the breakout role from The Karate Kid skyrocketed his career. The actor featured in many other movies and series and even directed commercials and music videos.

Now that we have summarized William Zabka’s vast career, you can understand the source of his net worth. As it stands, Celebrity Net Worth has stated William’s net worth to be around $3 million. The actor’s massive portfolio has more than justified his earnings. William’s parents have also been in the show business, which helps his cause even more.

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How much of the net worth comes from Cobra Kai?

No doubt, a majority of William’s fortune comes from Cobra Kai. However, fans wonder how high could that figure be. Just to provide you with some context, The Karate Kid film earned $100 million in the US alone. The film had a budget of a mere $8 million, and it made such figures. And Cobra Kai has a bigger global reach, thanks to Netflix.

Celebrity Net Worth states that William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) earned $100,000 per episode for the first two seasons. William was not alone in the high-income bracket; Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) also earned the same amount. Therefore, both the actors earned $2 million from the first two seasons, which had ten episodes each.

As Cobra Kai has confirmed its fifth season, one can only imagine the amount of money William is making from it.

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