Best Cobra Kai Memes Doing Rounds on the Internet

Best Cobra Kai Memes Doing Rounds on the Internet

Cobra Kai is certainly one entertaining show, and it isn’t very shocking, considering its massive viewership on Netflix. What also isn’t a shock is the number of Cobra Kai memes on the internet. Here are some of the best ones we’ve come across so far:

Retail isn’t to be taken lightly

Retail workers have it very tough. Dealing with numerous customers a day is exhausting enough. Add to the mix agitated millennials and you have a job that is universally dreaded. And this Cobra Kai meme sums it up better than we ever could.

Was Johnny better off without Karate?

In retrospect, Johnny always had issues but the entire Cobra Kai shenanigans (that has lasted 4 films and 4 seasons on Netflix, if we may add) began when he bumped into Kreese’s dojo while he was peacefully cycling. Life certainly was eventful for him later, but was he better off without this? We’ll never know, but here’s a meme to laugh this off.

~ Family ~

Dom Toretto and his “family” memes are the new era ‘Rickrolls’. They have found their way into memes and vines of all forms and Cobra Kai isn’t an exception.

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Cobra Kai could’ve ended in 2 episodes

While this could make for an unpopular opinion, we certainly cannot deny it. Plus, this isn’t to say that we’re complaining about Cobra Kai and the series having a multitude of seasons and spin-offs and spin-offs’ spin-offs. No mercy, indeed.

Are you okay?

What really is Twitter without dark jokes? Today’s episode of this comprises of this meme about people pleasers and their need to stay optimistic and try not to complain even when they need to. ‘Good vibes only’ might be toxic positivity but those are words to live by, occasionally.

Which one of these memes about the Netflix Original do you find resonating with you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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