‘We laugh at where we are now’- Are Boyhood Pals Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Still Friends?

‘We laugh at where we are now’- Are Boyhood Pals Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Still Friends?

Yes! Their friendship is as iconic as their music. We all have that one person who would go through hell for us if need be. So does Will Smith. Having met at a DJ party near Smith’s home in Philadelphia, he and DJ Jazzy Jeff have formed a bond unbreakable. From boycotting Grammy together some 30-plus years from now to standing by Will Smith through thick and thin, the 57-year-old American disc jockey has certainly proven his friendship.

Shortly after Jeffery ‘Jazzy’ Townes met with his to-be-partner in crime, they ventured into the career of singing and producing together and eventually becoming a hip-hop sensation following their debut studio album, Rock the House. And three decades later, as they met on tour with not a single scratch in their friendship, the DJ told Metro UK, “We catch up a lot. It’s definitely different with our careers, family and kids.” Their topic of discussion may have changed but they still are the best pals in the industry. So let us take you on the delightful voyage of their friendship.

From meeting at home to becoming homeboys- a look into Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s impressive bond

The teenage boys who used to roam through the streets during Summertime and mithered that Parents don’t understand now “laugh at” where they are now as they sit across and chat about parenting and looking at their own kids. Time flies within a blink of an eye. Townes told the outlet back in 2019 that although they do not catch up as frequently as they used to, they still have a lot to talk about. They now look down on the years that have passed and laugh at how tables have flipped.

“We’re the ones who make the records about parents not understanding, and now we’re the parents.” Furthermore, when the infamous Oscar slap gate happened some three years after Smith’s Fresh Prince buddy boasted about their friendship, he did not back off from taking his side.

DJ Jazzy Jeff stands with his long-time pal amidst the 2022 Oscar controversy

94th Academic awards will be remembered in history, not for its celebration of talent but for the slap that was heard around the world. Will smith smacked Chris Rock in the face for joking about his wife. And, well, he had to live through its repercussions.

Although it has been 10 months now, it felt like yesterday, and fans and critics alike are still boycotting the emancipation actor. However, one person among a few who stood by the Pursuit of Happiness actor was non-other than Jeffery Townes. In an interview with Chicago radio station WGCI-FM, the producer voiced his own opinion asserting not to “get it twisted that this would be something that he’s proud of.”

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He further explained that it was a “lapse of judgment.” Many times his friend could have put on bad behavior but his history in the industry is very much controversy-free. According to the disco jockey, something must have gone on Smith’s nerves that caused him to create a worldwide scene.

Not just that, even on social media such as Instagram and Twitter, the two have never failed to praise each other. It is perhaps a platonic friendship like no other. The Nightmare on my Street singers has certainly withstood all the adversities of stardom and the industry.

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