Were Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Going to Star in the 90’s Comedy Blockbuster ‘House Party’?

Were Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Going to Star in the 90’s Comedy Blockbuster ‘House Party’?

Will Smith, inarguably, is one of the biggest stars of our generation. The Men In Black actor is among the handful of actors who perfectly fall into the category of true global stars. While Smith has become a household name now, the actor has had a long journey. As many of us know, Smith has come a long way from where he started. And back when he tried his luck in acting, Smith made some interesting decisions, including his choice not to star in 1990’s House Party.

Back in the 90s, House Party was one of the most popular romantic comedies. The movie was a commercial success earning boatloads of money. Directed by Reginald Hudlin, the film has become a cult classic. While we saw the popular duo of Christopher Martin and Christopher Reid as Kid n Play, the show almost featured Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff instead. So what went wrong?

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff as Kid n Play?

As many of us know, Smith was a very popular rapper before he made his acting debut. The I am Legend actor was enjoying a successful career in rapping. However, one of his songs, A Nightmare On My Street, landed him in some legal problems. Due to Charles Bernstein’s Nightmare on Elm Street music they sampled on the song, New Line Films sued Smith for copyright infringement and won. However, this is where it gets interesting.

Smith had to shelve the song’s music video as a part of the settlement. And reportedly, the duo was even offered two New Line Film projects, one of them being the comedy classic House Party. Jazzy Jeff even revealed the same on Radio Milwaukee. Jeff spoke, “the first script was House Party because if you think about the premise of House Party. We weren’t thinking about doing movies back then.” 

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Jeff even added that House Party was a setup for him and the Fresh Prince. On the other hand, Hudlin had another reason why he did not cast the duo. As per Hudlin, he felt the duo would only do the film for the sake of their legal settlement and not genuinely want to do it. So Hudlin went forward without them.

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